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Wrought iron porch enclosures

Concrete slab

Our glass curtain enclosures are ideal for any type of surface. Whether you have a terrace in your business, a porch in your garden, or a balcony that you want to make the most of, our glass curtains fit you perfectly.

We have made numerous works of glass curtain enclosures throughout Asturias, adapting each project to the needs of our client. With elegant finishes and fully tailored to not waste the aesthetics of your business, or home.

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In any case we recommend that the crystals are made of resistant material and with thermal and sound insulation capacity, for your comfort. If you are interested in our opinion on how to close a porch with guarantees, this would probably be the alternative we would opt for.

If your garden or patio is positioned so that it receives a lot of sunlight, a good idea may be to make the enclosure using motorized blinds, which we can easily control and regulate. Of course, you must keep in mind that in order to install motorized blinds it is necessary to previously have a structure to which to incorporate them.

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When we think about how to close a porch, pergolas or awnings are a good alternative if we do not have time or money to invest in a more complex structure. Although they have the disadvantage that, having open spaces, they are not as insulating from noise and temperatures as the previous options. But you could always take advantage of the structure of the pergola to place later another type of installation with glass or blinds covering the walls.

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Everyone is different and not everyone likes the same things. Some prefer enclosures, furniture or doors made in series in large industrialized factories, but others are fans of customized products, which besides adapting perfectly to the space that corresponds to them, look really good.

At this point it is important to clarify what a workshop of this type is. They are also called metal carpentries and specialize in the manufacture, construction, distribution and sale of metal products such as aluminum, stainless steel or iron.

Generally, a metal shop is capable of making almost any metal product. This includes windows, grilles, doors, profiles for enclosures, shelving, masonry, among other products.

One of the main jobs performed in a metal carpentry shop is the production of metal structures. These structures are used as support in enclosures for terraces, balconies, porches, gardens, etc. But also structures of this type are used in the manufacture of roofs and divisions of spaces in industries and offices.

The best designs of metal pergolas

As they generate by themselves a different space and atmosphere -in fact, this is another of their functions: to differentiate environments- when decorating them you can play with a suggestive lighting for the evenings; an attractive and natural furniture that gives personality to the space; textiles that give voluptuousness and generate plays of light and shadows in the interior and always, plants that bring a touch of freshness.

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Wooden pergolas are the most common, not only because the hardwoods, well treated, are able to withstand without deterioration all the inclemencies of time, but also because they are much more elegant than the rest of pergolas of other materials (metal, plastic … ). Wooden furniture and wooden architectural elements in the garden or on the terrace always provide higher quality, and above all, are much more sustainable materials.

Of course, you will have to check that the wood used to build your pergola contains the sustainable wood certificate, or what is the same, that the use of trees and wood used is carried out under management plans that ensure the sustainability of the forest.

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