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Woodland fire pit

Forest is burning in Fuentes del Pedregal in Ciudad de

Flame Salamanders are powerful enemies and their attacks can easily kill novice players. The player must eliminate them from a safe distance using magic or a bow, but will have to evade the fireballs they spit.

A Salamander will always launch three fireballs with a brief pause between the first and second. If the first fireball connects, the player will not be able to evade the other two. Sometimes they will also attack with their fire breath. This attack can be avoided by moving away from their range (long distance) or by running to their right side, as they spit fire from the left.

Playing With Fire | John Cena | Paramount Pictures Spain

Silvia Mejía, a resident of Bosques de Zapopan Avenue, reported that they have been without water for not one, not two, but several days, and the little water they had left in their water tanks was used to try to suffocate the flames.

“We are now in a critical situation due to lack of water, the water supply has been cut off for days, and we had to empty the water tanks to try to stop the fire that was already spreading to the neighborhood green areas”.

“We also asked for water pipes to control the fire and be safe from it, because the entire periphery of the forest of El Centinela was destroyed and we have had no response. Now we are left with zero water to help”.

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The smoke is dense and can be seen for miles around. The personnel of the forestry brigades of the Fire Department and Civil Protection confirmed that they are working in the area against the fire that is consuming undergrowth and a large amount of tires that nobody knows who left them there.

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The Secretariat of Environment and Territorial Development (Semadet) activated an atmospheric alert in the municipalities of Zapopan, Tala and Ameca, due to the fire that has been registered for 24 hours in the area of Las Canoas, within the protected area of La Primavera Forest.

Semadet activated yesterday afternoon the atmospheric alert for Zapopan, however, decided to extend it to Tala and Ameca, due to the fact that the pollutants generated represent a health risk to the population.

The fire could not be controlled due to the strong winds, 20 firefighters were reported injured when they were trapped in the fire, only one woman was taken to an ISSSTE clinic for medical attention.

Zapopan firefighters ask the population not to bring supplies to the brigaders to entry points, since it generates a logistical problem for the attention of the emergency. “The command post is in the area of the Akron stadium, from there the authorities are providing the necessary supplies and food for the brigaders,” he mentioned.

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The excavation in the military property found “calcined bone remains” as well as “complete bodies in different positions, several of them tied in the upper extremities, some of them with the presence of firearm projectiles and pods directly associated”.

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“The bodies found were located as they fell”, said judicial sources, and they estimated that “the grave would have been a burning grave due to the presence of tire circles and traces of combustion on the bodies, but it would not have been concluded for unknown reasons”.

So far, “skeletal remains corresponding to at least 15 partially burned skeletonized individuals” were found, as well as “elements associated with the skeletal remains, such as firearm projectiles, remains of clothing and footwear”.

Since 1975, during the so-called “Operative Independence” and the dictatorship, the Arsenal was a concentration and extermination camp copied from those built by the Nazis during the Third Reich, with barracks for prisoners, double perimeter wire fence and watchtowers. Bussi used to go there and lead some summary executions of prisoners blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back.

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