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Wood look epoxy floor

Polished concrete finish

This is a waterproof and non-slip material widely used in commercial and industrial areas. A material that allows paving large continuous surfaces without the need to create joints in them, obtaining much more aesthetic and hygienic surfaces. It is especially recommended in places where hygiene is essential, such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and medical centers. Its characteristics and positive qualities have also allowed it to be applied in particular installations in any type of housing.

Epoxy resin is a thermosetting polymer that changes from a liquid to a solid state through the application of a catalyst, offering high resistance and an impressive aesthetic appearance. This polymer that is poured on the floor surface results from the mixture of Bisphenol A and epiclohydrin. It is a highly durable, waterproof and abrasion resistant material among some of its outstanding features. It is easy to apply and has a clean finish.

Images of microcement

Epoxy resin floors have been flooding the decoration magazines for some time now, and epoxy resin floors are, without a doubt, a real trend. Reasons are not lacking, even so, we want to bring you the 10 times we fell in love with epoxy resin floors, in case you still have any doubts about its stylistic advantages, quality, strength and versatility.

You have decided to change the floor at home, but the truth is that you are not too seduced by the idea of getting into works. Epoxy resin is a really interesting solution, as it is not necessary to remove the existing flooring. This, on the one hand, will reduce the overall cost of your reform. On the other hand, it will result in a faster and more practical application.

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Epoxy flooring at home

Why are there so many floors that imitate wood? The answer is easy, wood floors are great in almost any space, even outdoors. They are floors that offer unsurpassed warmth, bring elegance to the home and also increase the value of the house. That is why flooring manufacturers that work with other types of materials, such as clay, plastics, resins or others, are developing new products that imitate wood.

Another important aspect is the price, since wood floors are usually much more expensive than an imitation wood floor, made with other materials. In the following table we can see the price difference between the different materials used for an imitation wood floor.

Nowadays, flooring installation companies can offer us laminate parquets with a very warm and beautiful appearance, as if it were natural wood. Their finishes imitate the wood of any tree, and with a surface layer that gives it a very high resistance. This makes them suitable for almost any use.

How to lay epoxy resin floor

Do you want to install wood flooring for your home? It is a widely used and high quality option. Thanks to the wide variety of woods, finishes and types of installation, we can use it throughout the house. Although it is very important to choose the most suitable for each place. In this article we make a tour of the different wood floors, which tree they come from, in which rooms we can use each one and we guide you in your choice. Let’s start.

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We must not confuse these types of wood floors. Many people mistakenly believe that the platform is a laminate flooring that is installed by tongue and groove, and the parquet the natural wood slats that are glued to the floor.

To be clear, we explain that the difference between the platform and the parquet is basically in the way of installation. The floating wooden floors are installed without gluing to the floor. They are joined by a system click some slats with others, on an insulator that favors a slight movement for expansions of the wood. On the other hand, parquet is usually installed either glued to the existing subfloor or nailed to wooden rails. But it is always fixed.

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