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Winter family photos


Although it doesn’t seem like it, and the cold weather may be a long time coming, winter is here. Those of us who like photography know that it’s time to deal with gloves and the sensitive shutter of our camera or the screen of our cell phone. Although we will end up taking them off and suffering in our fingers the ravages of low temperatures, everything is to take good pictures in winter.

It is also a technically difficult time to get good photos: snow that overexposes the scenes, incorrect white balance… But, in exchange, it offers us a range of interesting subjects to photograph.

For example: you take a portrait of a person against a beautiful snowy background. But the snow comes out right and the person dark. Or the person is right and the snow is overexposed. If you expose leaving the person dark, the snow correctly exposed and include a flash, the result will be a perfect snow and a person illuminated by the light of the flash. That’s it!

We can always try to edit our photo in black and white, with this we will solve any color problem, we will reduce the elements that make “noise” on our photo and we will focus the photo on what is important, we will create a melancholic effect on it… Who knows, maybe a photo that doesn’t work in color, does work in black and white.

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Instagram introduced a new feature at the end of March that, in the long term, seems to point towards a new goal: to increasingly monetize its publications. Thus, from now on, any user will be able to tag specific products in their posts.

“Creators and brands have been sharing how they use and style their favorite products on Instagram and inspiring their communities. Now we’re giving everyone access to inspire their nearest and dearest by enabling product tagging in posts,” Instagram shared in its release.

Thus, the platform assures that this new feature will help not only to “support the brands you love,” but also friends and family can benefit, who will be able to “discover new products they might like.”

In addition, there is another limitation of this new feature, and is that users can only tag those products that are available in Instagram Shopping (available for months on the platform).

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It always makes you want to go out and get some fresh air. These getaways, less than two hours away from the capital, are perfect for that and to enjoy the days off you have. Ideal to visit on weekends.

There is also the largest free-flight aviary in South America, one that protects about 700 types of exotic birds rescued from captivity, such as eclectic parrots from Australia, pheasants from China, partridges or blackbirds.

Best if you arrive at 9 AM, to enjoy the whole day with a picnic and an incredible visit to its two-hectare wetland with swans and choker ducks, or to its artificial reservoir ideal for kayaking or stand up paddle).

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It is located 50 minutes from the capital, along Route 78, and is famous for its clay artisans, who are scattered throughout the center of town and where you can window shop for hours. It is also famous for its country cuisine, especially its renowned one-kilo empanadas.

It only takes 30 minutes to get there via Camino a Melipilla or the Autopista del Sol. Either of these roads will take you close to its huge green areas, its tasty restaurants, or next to its refreshing beer bars.

A day with me Winter family photo section

Despite her vitality, Anastasia was not in good health. She suffered from hallux valgus (bunions), which affected both big toes.[13] She also had a muscular problem in her back that required her to receive a massage twice a week. Her reluctance to massages was such that she would hide under cupboards or beds so as not to receive them.[14] In the spring of 1910, Maria’s mother, who had a back problem, had to receive a massage twice a week.

In the spring of 1910, Maria Ivanovna Vishnikova, a royal maid, reported that Rasputin had raped her. Vishnikova said that the tsarina refused to believe her and insisted that “everything Rasputin does is holy”. Grand Duchess Olga Aleksándrovna stated that Vishniákova’s accusations were immediately investigated, however “they caught the young woman in bed with a Cossack of the Imperial Guard.” Vishnikova was prevented from approaching Rasputin, and in 1913 she was dismissed.[21] In her memoirs, A. A. A. V. V. V. V.rovna was a member of the Imperial Guard.

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In his memoirs, A. A. Mordvínov wrote that the four grand duchesses were “visibly upset” by Rasputin’s death and that they sat “hugging each other” on a sofa in one of their bedrooms throughout the night when they received the news. Mordvínov recalled that the girls were in a very bad mood and seemed to sense the political turmoil already brewing in Russia.[27] Rasputin was buried with an icon, signed on its reverse side by the tsarina and her four daughters. Anastasia attended his burial, on December 21, 1916, and together with her family planned to build a church on the site of his grave.[28] The funeral was held on December 21, 1916.

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