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Will and bear hats

Making a snowman’s hat and scarf (2/3)

Ablutions – Acadian Ideals – Blood Tide – Brain Dead – Data Retrieval – Forbidden Knowledge – Hull Breach – Hunting the Hunter – Living on the Edge – rite of passage – safe passage – Search and Destroy – shipbreaker – The Arrival – The Turning of the Tide – The Great Hunt – The Heretic – The Resister – The Price of Memory – The Trial of Brother Devin – Return the Mist – Visions in the Mist – What Atom Requires – Witch Hunts

An execution – To Do List – Dima’s memory – Ezra’s holotape – Family announcement – Gwyneth’s Diary – holotape – Husky family holotape – Kasumi’s projects – Levi’s holotape – Mark Wilson’s holotape – Martin New Age – Mysterious holotape – Security tape Safe – For Franny – Vault 118 Supervisor’s log – What Atom needs – What’s done is done

Brother Andrews – The Archimist – Sister Aubert – Brian Richter – Brother Devin – Brother Edgar – Sister Gwyneth – Brother Kane – Sister Mai – Confessor Martin – Mother of the Mist – Highest Confessor Tektus – Great Fanatic Theil – Zealot Ware


Organization formed by pirates, mainly crew captains, who worked for the World Government (being part of the organizations listed here, in addition to Blackbeard’s Pirates and Heart Pirates:

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Upon leaving Dressrosa, the leaders of seven groups that fought alongside the Straw Hat Pirates swore allegiance to Luffy, becoming self-appointed subordinates (since Luffy was not in favor of it) of the Straw Hat Pirates, while maintaining the status of individual gangs with a will of their own.

Roshio was a pirate who in Jaya beat Bellamy at cards. Bellamy after his defeat made up that Roshio cheated, sticking a knife in his hand, and killed him by setting him on fire by throwing him out the window (in the anime he simply holds his hand and throws him out the window). He was pretty terrible as his nickname was “The Executioner” and he had a 42,000,000 price on his head.


Due to his subsequent enslavement in Mary Geoise, he now wears rags similar to those Jean Bart once wore when he was also a slave,his left retina detached and he has several swords stuck in him from physical abuse.  It is unknown if he has the Seal burned into his skin like all the other slaves in the world that the Nobles have.

Nevertheless and despite his imposing figure and fearsome reputation, Kuma is a rather calm and quiet person, saying just the right and necessary words. Although he obeys all the orders of the World Government, he seems to be quite benevolent and holds a more peaceful view of what the Government believes the fight against evil means. He even seems to care about the state of the world, to the point of concluding that Blackbeard’s acceptance into the ranks of The Seven Sea Warriors had been a very bad decision on the part of the government. When he meets Moria, he offers to help her take down the Straw Hat Pirates even though he was not ordered to do that. When he was ordered to kill all the witnesses to Moria’s defeat, he offered them alternatives for them to survive, even though he had been ordered to leave no one alive.

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