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Wifi pick up line

How to improve wifi reception on my cell phone

What steps to follow when you have no InternetIf you have problems with the Internet connection of your fiber or ADSL installation, either because it is slow, irregular or you can not connect; you can find out how to restore the network and make your data work below. You have detailed all the tips and steps to follow to solve and recover your connection.

Video How to avoid network slowness and outages Discover the guidelines you can follow to improve your browsing experience. Go to the video on How to avoid slow and slow wifi network outages View all the topics of Troubleshooting

Wifi repeater slows down speed

Let’s imagine a theoretical house in which the rooms go right after each other, from 1 to 10. If our router is in room 1 and its coverage reaches room 6, placing a repeater there would allow, for example, to extend the coverage to room 10.

It is common for our home router to support at least two types of frequency (2.4GHz and 5GHz), and soon we will have routers in circulation that will support three, the tri-band routers that will arrive with WiFi 6E and, therefore, with a third 6GHz band. If our router supports 5GHz bands, it is normal to buy a WiFi amplifier that also supports these bands, so that it can become, for all intents and purposes, an extension of our home router without limitations. Note that the higher the frequency, the lower the power and coverage.

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WiFi amplifiers sometimes directly indicate an approximate range of coverage. This will be important when buying them because we will know if the coverage area is the one we need or not. It is usual for WiFi amplifiers with greater range to have at least one physical antenna deployed on the outside of the terminal. If it also has several antennas, it means that it can support more bands and that we can orient them to obtain better coverage.

How to increase the wifi signal I receive from my neighbor

The process of capturing databases can be quite varied. Many companies simply leave it up to customers to reach out and provide their data. This is one of the common practices of digital social networking platforms that do not perform specific actions to attract the customer, but it is the customer who decides to become part of the community of the social network in question, providing their data and becoming another user. To do this, the platform’s strategy relies on already registered users.

However, the usual practice is usually a mixture of the two methods described above. Thus, companies tend to let users approach the brand, and then create situations in which registration is essential to gain access.

In the example above, MDirector offers a guide to start working with Email Marketing. It is a guide for beginners in the field.  For this reason, next to the guide itself there is information about its content, an excerpt and some ideas about what the user who decides to download it will find in the document.

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Homemade wifi signal booster

This is the general rule, although in practice you will have to take into account if there is a room in the house where you need more coverage than in another. That is, maybe you prefer the router to be closer to the place where you use the Internet more intensively. In addition, you should also take into account its vertical location and place it neither on the floor nor on the ceiling, but somewhere in between.

In routesr that have several antennas, it is advisable to alternate the orientation: with one antenna vertically and the other horizontally, to maximize the possibility that both the router and the device that connects to it use the same polarization.

If your house has several floors or the location of your router is somewhat peculiar, the ideal is to try different configurations until you find the one that gives the best result. The golden rule is to remember that antennas are more powerful at their sides than at their tips.

Nowadays most routers are “smart” enough to analyze the channels in use around them and switch to a less saturated one, although their choice is not always optimal. To analyze the saturation of channels around you you can use an app like Wi-Fi Analyzer, which has a simple mode that recommends the best channel for your Wi-Fi.

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