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Interview with Calzados Alba Pérez, on the occasion of the fashion show at the

As we have already mentioned, depending on where you celebrate your wedding, one type of heel or another will be the most appropriate in each case. But, in addition, you have to take into account if you are used to wear them for many hours and if you wear them without problems. If so, your wedding shoes will accept heels of any shape and height. But if they are not usually part of your day to day life, the most comfortable are the ones with thick heels and those with a little platform in the front. Forget the saying “better dead than simple”: your comfort is essential during this day.

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CLM Live. Handmade shoes.

One of the most important things for brides on the wedding day are the shoes. First because they have to match perfectly with the dress and second because you will have to be all day with them on and you should be, as far as possible, comfortable. From Serendipity-photography (Wedding photographers in Valencia) we are going to advise you to choose well your shoes for the wedding day.

The ideal material with which they should be made is leather, so that your foot breathes. The choice of footwear will depend on the type of wedding you want, if it is day, night, if it is indoors or outdoors. Also if you are in summer or winter.

If the wedding is in a garden or on the beach, don’t wear stilettos if you don’t want to get stuck in the ground. And if you’re going for a walk, maybe you should opt for rubber shoes with some platform, molding them to your liking and not leaving anyone indifferent.

It is recommended that you wear the shoes before the wedding day to mold them to your foot as best as possible, this way they are less likely to bother you on the wedding day. It is also ideal to take them to your dress fitting to verify that they fit well with the length of your dress.

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What does a red shoe have to envy a white one? We have had our fantastic Inma who dared to wear an intense red heel to match her wedding. The bouquet, the blouse before the bridesmaids’ make-up, the groom’s and best man’s wedding rings, etc. …. Anything else? It was a beautiful red wedding. Even her album was red. Beautiful too, by the way.

Give free rein to your imagination and, if you want to get out of the routine in a different way, give yourself that touch of distinction and originality by choosing, not only the color of your wedding, but also the color of your shoes.

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