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Vidrepur pool tile

Anti-slip for swimming pools

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What is the perfect liner and flooring for your pool?Posted on Jan 14 at 6:18 pmThe pool is the biggest feature we have at home. It is outside and is visible from every angle of the house. For this reason it is important to allocate time and budget because in summer you will use it and in winter it will be a decorative element that brightens up the gray evenings. Gone are the one-color tiles that did not give much choice, because today we have coatings and ceramics that allow you to customize this great decorative element. The right choice of pool tile will help the pool not only to look attractive, but also to be easier to clean and avoid leaks. Moreover, this is the perfect season to give a new look to your terrace with a trendy pool liner or create a pool in that empty space, to enjoy the summer in style.

A very fashionable look today and that has infinite options are the mosaics or pool tiles, the newest being the ones made of porcelain material or with a special resin. These also exist in colors, shapes and very attractive surfaces that can include the so fashionable hexagons, marble look and those with iridescent reflections such as the Hexagonal Pepelma Shell Air by Vidrepur; they seek to be seen and that is what it is all about.

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Vidrepur swimming pools

The gresite is one of the most used materials in the swimming pools for its great durability and for being an excellent insulator, besides being very resistant against the chemical products, the humidity and the thermal shock. The gresite pool becomes the best solution to decorate with elegance and durability at the same time.

The composition of gresite makes it a material resistant to large temperature changes, so it is ideal for outdoor pools, since solar exposure can heat both the surface and the bottom of the pool.

If what you want is to achieve a paradisiacal atmosphere, there is nothing better than choosing a beige gresite pool to get this enviable feeling.  To achieve a deeper green, go for a sand-colored mosaic.

One of the colors currently most used as a liner are white tile pools, with which you can achieve very interesting effects, since, together with the sun and in combination with water, it produces aesthetically incredible blue effects. The white mosaic in swimming pools transmits purity, relaxation and harmony. It invites you to stay indoors for a long time and that is why it is one of the most used colors in hotels for their pools and spas.

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