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Valentines day boudoir photoshoot


Sensual, suggestive images that show the most attractive side of women: boudoir photography is an option that is gaining popularity as a gift for the couple on Valentine’s Day and will make you win the surprise factor in front of your partner.

The term “boudoir” is a French word that refers to the boudoir, that intimate space where women used to dress up, to which the Marquis de Sade, erotic author par excellence, already makes reference in the title of his work The Philosophy of the Boudoir (1795).

The rise of erotic novels for women has revitalized boudoir photography, a style that portrays femininity in its most intimate sphere, sublimating the beauty of each woman with an elegant and sexy style, in which often the lingerie, either suggestive lace or innocent cotton, plays a fundamental role. These elements undoubtedly make boudoir photography a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, either in individual sessions or in a suggestive and fun session for couples.

Baby valentine photo session

We love couples in love because they give off that illusion and love that only in that vital state you can feel but we also understand that love is universal in all its breadth so we would like to celebrate it with you.

Who doesn’t like beautiful photos? How many times have you given something meaningless because you couldn’t think of anything else? Now it won’t happen to you: give the gift of an experience that starts the moment you give it to us, exchangeable for any of our sessions…

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We get together in the studio and take some romantic photos for you to have an incredible memory. But also with the good weather we always want to take pictures outdoors in places like gardens, rivers, flower fields or even in the city urban style.


Doing a boudoir session does not mean doing a nude, it does not mean undressing in front of the camera, it has to be a session where the insinuation gains strength, these photographs are not to please men but to please the women who are in front of the camera.

Most of the women who ask us for these reports have a similar profile, women after giving birth and see your body recovered, some after overcoming an illness, athletes or models with great physical and even some who perform strict diets that want to have photographs that show their great physical condition, women who want to surprise your partner, in short any woman who wants a photo but not just any, but one that transmit and mean something.

Many women we have photographed tell us that after the session, seeing the result, they have changed the way they see themselves, that their self-esteem has grown, that they have rediscovered their femininity and they look more beautiful.

Valentine’s Day photo shoot for children

The key is to take those pictures feeling comfortable and natural. Find your own style, I’ll help you. Let’s find the place and make a beautiful memory. Books are not only for image professionals, anyone can take pictures and look beautiful and even sexy.

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