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Let’s see, stop and think! How important is home textiles? When will my house be completely decorated? Yes, indeed! When I put up the curtains. Of course, we are talking about a “new home”, that is, you have just moved into a new apartment. What a hassle to set up a new apartment, isn’t it? Anyway, if you have just moved into a new house… Congratulations!

Among our range of curtains you will find all kinds, from more modern to more traditional styles, from short to long curtains, colored, plain or printed … Choose the one that best suits your room!

Now comes the second part of the reflection. And what curtains should I put? Excellent question. We’re glad you asked it because we’re going to answer it. Why? Because we’ve put together the most complete guide to the world of curtains. We are going to tell you, among many other things:

What would a house be without textiles?  No, we do not answer because we would fall into the topic and say that “like a garden without flowers” and all that … but it is. Discover everything we have available in home textiles.


It’s as easy as measuring the width and height of your window and we’ll do the rest. Of course, first you will have to choose the model you want. Once chosen, the rest is a piece of cake. Buying curtains online is very easy, with the advantage that you have all the time to choose the best curtain.

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In each product, when you go to make the purchase process, you will find easy to follow instructions. Any more questions? Just call us or write us, we are at your disposal!

Now, if you allow us, let’s talk about bedroom curtains.  Yes, yes. Let us enter your most intimate room. This is where you have your most intimate moments with your partner. This is also where you relax and unwind after a tiring day. So let us decorate your master bedroom with our bedroom curtains. We promise to put up the curtains and sneak away so you can enjoy this room.

In your bedroom it is also a good option to opt for sheers. Light and airy curtain fabrics that will envelop you in a sense of calm. As you can see, we continue to lend you a hand creating all your sensations.

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Curtains are movable pieces that cover the windows on the inside of buildings. They are mainly made of fabrics of bright and some dark colors. Their main function is to totally or partially block the passage of light and visibility from the outside. They can also be used behind an access door.

As for fabric curtains, there are many different types: fine, toile, outdoor, vintage, Indian, and more. Each type of fabric curtain has a different use and gives a different look to any room. Current types of curtains incorporate ultraviolet filters for sun protection, and other technologies to improve thermal insulation.

Today there are glass curtains, a type of enclosure that uses folding sheets of glass or high-strength tempered glass in outdoor areas, mainly terraces, porches and gardens. They are used to create environments that are protected from the elements while letting in daylight, helping to make the home warmer and brighter during the day.

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How To Cut And Sew Curtains | Live Class

One on One allows the hooking systems to be placed side by side on slightly uneven surfaces. In this way the fabrics, once opened, overlap slightly, eliminating light and creating an aesthetic effect of great linearity, continuity and compact structure.

With this new evolution of Phantom, it is possible to superimpose different canvases, freely adjusting and modulating the level of light in the interiors. Through the ceiling slot and without affecting the aesthetics, it is possible to open only the filtering fabric, only the opaque fabric or both, to create different scenarios.

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