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Tummy tuck before and after pictures with stretch marks

Abdominoplasty 15 days later

While some patients may lose a few pounds in the abdominoplasty procedure in Valencia, Dr. Moltó, a SECPRE-certified plastic surgeon in Valencia and an expert in tummy tuck surgery, indicates that abdominoplasties should be done when the patient is already at his or her ideal weight.

In addition, although abdominoplasties cannot directly address stretch marks, since the abdominal skin is pulled down, stretch marks can potentially be moved, lowered or removed if they are part of the excess skin.

When we talk about abdominoplasty without scar, we are not really talking about abdominoplasty without surgery, but a tummy tuck with no visible scar as it is very close to the pubic area and therefore always covered by underwear, bikinis ….

After a tummy tuck, sometimes you can see or notice lumps and bumps in the area, which may last a few weeks until the internal sutures dissolve and some of the swelling disappears.

Abdominoplasty month by month photos

CASE 15: Abdominoplasty after pregnancy sequelae, with personal technique of 20 cm rectus plication due to severe rectus diastasis with umbilical hernia repair. At the same time 2 kg of abdominal flap was resected. Result at 3 months

Abdominoplasty before and after photos. Through abdominoplasty surgery we remove excess fat and skin in the abdomen, we remove excess skin and abdominal fat that you may have, correcting the flaccidity. Abdominoplasty is the operation that corrects the alterations of the abdomen due to pregnancy, major weight changes or simply the passage of time.  It helps to recover a flat stomach and to outline the body silhouette while tightening sagging skin.

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Muscles can be loosened after abdominoplasty

Stretch marks appear when the skin is subjected to drastic changes in volume, such as those that occur during pregnancy or when we gain or lose a lot of weight among others. There are also people whose genetic predisposition makes them suffer more easily.

In addition to eliminating stretch marks in that area, they will eliminate fat and flaccidity of the abdominal skin, making the person who is operated and is already recovered, maintain a better body posture and suffer less back pain, being able to lead a healthier life and presenting a more beautiful appearance. It will also help those who suffered dermatological problems due to eczema and redness under the excess skin that hung on their abdomen, to stop having this problem.

The ideal candidates are: healthy people who have lost a lot of weight in a short time, women who have gone through several pregnancies and men and women with an advanced age that due to it and a few extra pounds have a flabby and sagging abdomen.

Abdominoplasty photos poorly done

It is important to take into account the patient and their type of scarring, so before, during and after abdominoplasty appropriate measures are taken and after the procedure an abdominal binder is placed to be used for up to 8 weeks after.

Where more complications have been observed is in patients who smoke and for this reason it is advised to stop smoking before and after the abdominoplasty procedure; however, the risk percentage is very low and less than 0.2% of cases.

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