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Looks to be at home comfortable and presentable

Recreating a non-conformist look the “Hipster” style obeys the way some women combine a biker style with grunge, boho, hobo and hippie, making something individual and original. The clothes conjugate numerous mix and match ideas, knee-high socks, polka-dotted tights, cool striped tops and big hats, etc. The “Hipster” style is on the streets, where girls appear in vintage style clothes that are very easy to put on and comfortable. In other words, all these essentials are ideal for making it look special and trendy.

Casual clothing is casual clothing: that is, clothing that is worn in contexts that do not require the respect of a formal dress code. When choosing casual clothes to wear, therefore, a person does not bind himself to rigid criteria of elegance nor is he concerned about achieving a serious look. Although the “Casual” style is considered to be anything that not only allows you to dress comfortably but also to reflect your personality and even to be able to look appropriate for both work and partying.


Vichy check jogger Tracksuit pants are a homewear must-have, but these are so cute with their pastel pink vichy check print that I’ll also wear them this summer with strappy sandals and a lingerie top for an outing. They’re so cute! BUY 1 / 12 Share it:

Oversize plaid shirt The good thing about oversize shirts like this one from Collusion is that at home they can act as a mini dress, but when we leave the house I plan to amortize it by wearing it knotted at the waist combined with my favorite jeans.  BUY 2 / 12 Share it:

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Black flip flops With two wide straps and ergonomic cork sole, their simplicity and comfort say it all. I’ll wear them around the house with some fluffy socks, and also in summer for my vacation walks.BUY 3 / 12 Share:

White short jumpsuit White is one of the most popular colors this summer, so buying a very comfortable and stylish jumpsuit in this color is a very good idea. ideal to show off tanned legs!BUY 5 / 12 Share it:


In his work The Theory of the Idle Class, Veblen relates how fashion is a tool that the upper class uses to differentiate itself from the rest of the classes, fundamentally from the lower classes. The beauty and symbolism of leisure; related to being wealthy, the sobriety and efficiency of the garments of the lower and industrial classes, are confronted. Bourdieu calls this distinctive practices: the manifestation of the class struggle, in this case symbolic, whose aim is to perpetuate the inequality between them.

The greater the difficulty of individuals to differentiate themselves, the more feverish is the symbolic combat of distinction-imitation that takes place between different classes, demanding, in turn, more changes that happen at a greater speed to satisfy this demand. And here, the productive system responds with greater obsolescence.[3] Keynes devised the metaphor of the “productive system”.

Keynes devised the beauty contest metaphor to explain the workings of stock markets, but it also serves to explain the workings of fashion from the perspective of horizontal transmission.


With the arrival of this new normality that 2020 has brought us, many of the things that seemed unthinkable before have become a reality, like the fact that many people have turned what used to be simply their home into their work office. That is why the comfy style is more trendy than ever this season, we all want clothes that serve us to be able to work comfortably from home but also serve us to go out and still maintain comfort with style.

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