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Steel bifold doors

Folding Grilles

Note that folding doors are not the same as sliding doors. The former are doors that fold back on themselves, while the latter are doors that hide in the wall when opened.

When opening a folding door you should stack its parts neatly. This helps to make better use of the space inside the house. These doors are easy and quick to install, perfect for living rooms, apartments, commercial premises and extensions of all kinds where a division is required without losing space and without the need for work. In addition, they help natural light to enter more easily.

With folding doors there is no possibility of any piece of glass breaking and causing an accident. In addition to safety, folding doors are thermally efficient. Another factor in their favor is that they have a locking system that extends across several of the sliding areas.

Folding door, 200kg steel

Folding steel security gates are made with 3/4 strong 14 gauge channel steel. These rolling security gates have an excellent folding construction completely and swing up to 180 degrees to open and preserve the integrity of the durable gray powder coat finish for a longer life. Zinc-plated rivets help prevent corrosion. Package includes mounting brackets for wall, carrying washers, durable metal casters, and lock pulls. Padlocks not included.

2, Can be used inside door shin guards, outside door shin guards, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, between walls and even on windows.

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4, provide great air and light flow, and increased safety and security, industry grey powder coated steel folding security doors help to make a healthier workplace, safer warehouse, safer school guarder.


Roto Patio Fold allows large folding systems for wood, PVC and aluminum profiles with a leaf weight of up to 100 kg to be folded in a space-saving manner and slid conveniently to the side over a total frame width of up to 6 m. Patio folding doors create wide and optionally barrier-free access to terraces, winter gardens, conference rooms, canteens or commercial premises and can also be used for room partitioning. In addition to their use in hotels and the gastronomy sector, folding systems are increasingly being used in the construction of private homes.

Wood and PVCFittings channel width access panel450 – 1200 mmFittings channel width folding panel450 – 900 mmFittings channel height600 – 2800 mmSheet weightmax. 100 kgOuter frame widthmax. 6000 mm

Metal folding door with glass.

The maintenance of garage, industrial and commercial doors is mandatory, as established in the basic document of safety of use and accessibility “DB-SUA” of the Technical Building Code (Order VIV/984/2009 of April 15, BOE 23-04-2009).

It is highly recommended to have a maintenance contract, since it is the contractual document before an inspection that establishes the commitment that the maintenance is being carried out. Each door must have a maintenance book specifying the maintenance actions carried out and any possible incidents or replacement of components that have been carried out.

If there are no manufacturer’s maintenance instructions for existing doors, these should be supplied by the maintenance company. The minimum recommended periodicities are established in the UNE 85635 standard, which are indicated in the following table:

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The maintenance company has the obligation to inform the owner or holder of the door of those conditions that pose a risk to people and the necessary adaptation measures to eliminate them. If the owner or holder (including administrators) decides not to carry out these measures, they are considered responsible for the safety of the door as established in the Technical Building Code, the Civil Code and the Horizontal Property Law.

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