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Star trek pick up lines

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When creator and television producer Gene Roddenberry conceived the Star Trek series in 1964, he thought he had all the ingredients for a hit series, but it was difficult to “launch” the first voyage of the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise – NCC 1701.

The USS Enterprise – XCV 330 appears in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture in a set of five images that Kirk shows to V’ger’s emissary, representing the different ships named after the Enterprise. The 1979 Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology describes this ship as the “first interstellar cruise” of the Declaration class launched in 2123.

The ship first appears at the end of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and is the main setting for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The ship is sent for dismantling at the end of the sequel.

“Our Trekker” says that to almost compulsively like Star Trek is to believe in the ideals espoused in the series. It’s also a way to address current issues that are sometimes complicated to discuss in a more serious way.

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The word freak is an adaptation of the English word freaky, an adjective that is usually used to refer to something or someone eccentric, weird. It used to be used mostly to refer to people who were part of freak shows. Over time its use has derived and now designates people who have unconventional attitudes and are obsessively devoted to certain hobbies.freaks are usually seen by society as immature and introverted people who only like to relate to those who share the same hobbies. The reality is that as society progresses, these negative and discriminatory stereotypes are being lost. There is nothing wrong with having hobbies and that is why there is a Geek Pride Day to remind us to be proud to be ourselves. If you are a geek, don’t worry, deep down we are all a little geeky in our own way.

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There are some mythical movie quotes that remain engraved in our minds and in the history of cinema forever. Are you a true film geek? Prove it with the selection of movie geek quotes that we bring, how many do you recognize?

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The thing is that not only that support to have our Echo Dot is the original part of the pack, is that Amazon has also taken advantage of this week of Star Wars celebration to remind us of some of the help and comments that we can receive from the virtual assistant, and that also have to do with the universe now owned by Disney.

As if these Star Wars references in the support of your fourth-generation Echo Dot were few, Amazon wanted to remind us of some phrases that we can use to make the set already complete, both in the real world and in the virtual one, thanks to a series of instructions that it is possible to ask Alexa. Examples? Look at all the ones you can find:

Ta fumadasoYin

Think Star Trek is all about setting your lasers to stun and kiss hot alien chicks?    If you want to be with the aliens you’re going to have to learn their language or else they won’t be able to tell you apart from the next humanoid that shows up.    Otherwise, you’ll never be able to be sure if they like you or not.    Kirk knew this, look at how many languages he knew and the alien women he had!    Here are some of the most common languages in the Star Trek universe that are sure to help you when it comes to speaking their language.

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This is another language of the Deep Space Nine that is quite familiar to some alien races.    It originates from the planet Ferenginar which is dedicated to free enterprise.    It is also often called the language of entrepreneurs.    The polite way to greet a Ferengi is to ask Amo kino ku, which means “How are you?”.    This phrase can be used to get the alien to talk to you more, which can help the conversation evolve to the next level.

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