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Sport port jet ski dock


Many people do not know how they work and when in doubt, we must explain that its distribution is similar to that of a lego or puzzle, which makes them very easy to assemble and disassemble.we define marine floating platforms as follows

modular floating platform, is the one that is made of a plastic derivative that offers resistance and quality.  Generally, it allows the connection of different pieces to extend its dimensions and provide a better level of strength and variety in its use. When the blocks are assembled or the pieces are fitted together, the necessary shape is achieved. One of the characteristics of the modular floating platform is its capacity to support heavy weights, making it the best platform for boats or jet skis in terms of value for money.  Another feature that is considered of high value is the flexibility of the structure, which unlike other parts such as rigid floating docks, can absorb the movement of water. Likewise, the versatility of use in various forms or for many purposes. Having a surface with the ability to float on water is a great advantage for companies because it allows them to gain market presence.  At

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Lake, marina or dock rentals aren’t just motorboats and jet skis. Aqua-Cycle™ water trikes are an excellent eco-friendly option unlike gasoline-powered watercraft. Because they are pedal-powered, they don’t require gas or oil, and they don’t produce noxious or nauseating fumes. Oh, and they’re quiet, too.

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Because Aqua-Cycle™ water trikes require less of an investment than most other equipment, and take less time for maintenance and repairs, they often bring a return on investment in the first season.

If the Aqua-Cycle™ rents for $25 per hour and rents an average of 5 hours per day, that means they will charge $125 per day or $875 per week. In a typical 3-month summer season, they can pay almost twice as much!

A rental rate of $25 per hour is a good starting price for Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes. The price is generally only for the Aqua-Cycle™, which can accommodate 2 passengers at a time and rental time can be shared with different users.

COSENOS LAW – Problem 2

These conditions include objective criteria and procedures that must be followed for the assignment and use of the service, and the resolution of incidents, under the principles of free concurrence, equity and publicity.

Along with the established requirements, there are models of applications for the use of ramp for jet skis and recreational boats, change of boat for granted berthing, provision of berthing/anchoring service and beaching service, renewal of use of ramp for jet skis, renewal of use of ramp for boats and for the provision of berthing/anchoring service, as well as for beaching service.


Below we summarize some parts of the regulations, although we strongly recommend you to have a look at the law, in order to avoid any mishaps and to guarantee you the best possible boating and leisure experience.

First of all, it should be noted that the current legislation does not adequately distinguish between inland and outdoor waters, and seems to be more focused on the use of jet skis on beaches.

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Due to this imprecision, most of the autonomous administrations have considered, with few exceptions, that navigation in inland waters is prohibited, unless an administrative authorization is available.

Having said this, we can now focus on the limitations expressed by the aforementioned decree, understanding as waters allowed to navigate with jet skis, all those areas of the beach that are not subject to exclusion by the rule.

In addition, when an area of free navigation coincides with another bounded for the celebration of regattas of boats propelled by sail or motor, navigation will not be allowed unless authorized by the organizers. The regulation does not say anything about rowing regattas, but it can be assumed that the exclusion also applies to this type of boats.

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