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Soul land reloaded tier list

Soul land advent of the gods tier list

The protagonists of the Chinese saga Soul Land make the leap to cell phones with their own official role-playing game, and the result is up to the expectations of all fans. And the result is up to what all fans could expect. But what does the APK file download of this title include?

Soul Land Reloaded is an idle-featured RPG inspired by the Soul Land light novels with graphics halfway between 2D and 3D and exquisite gameplay. Our mission will be to gather a team of heroes to fight against all kinds of enemies, follow the events of the story and become a powerful Soul Master.

The story consists of several chapters, and these, in turn, in levels. In each level we will have to defeat enemies in order to move on to the next one. Our characters automatically fight in real-time battles, although we can actively intervene to dodge attacks and activate the special power once the bar is recharged.

Of course, it also includes multiplayer functions and PvP combat. Overall, this is an interesting and very entertaining title, even if it is not exactly original. It would especially please fans of the saga… if they manage to overcome a tutorial that never seems to end.


One word is whether to keep billing or not.It’s easy at the beginning of the game, but you have to use your head to combine characters.The current group has Beni Hayashi, Ningei, Sendo-ryu and Dust Heart, and the combination is well balanced, so I think it’s okay to fight stronger people at a later stage, but after all, I want a UR character. (★ 5) (21/10/29)

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I played for a week, but since there are many distributions, I can play without charge.For those who are billing, it is a system where the billing becomes a blue ceiling.I think the volume of the game is also average.I think it will kill time rather than a game that has little profit, even if it is produced in the country. (★ 1) (5/21/10)

When I was asked to register my email address at the time of pre-registration and I registered, it was a storm of fraudulent spam in a hurry.What do you mean.Do you make a profit by registering your email address and distributing it.Or is it a game created by a fraudulent group to collect ducks? It’s scary and it’s laughable.We will spread it for attention. (★ 5) (21/10/14)

Lista de niveles de Soul Land reloaded

“Paseando por campos deslumbrantes y por suaves colinas onduladas, esta parte de Iberia es un escenario romántico para cualquier reserva. No es de extrañar que la guardiana y custodio Alejandra considere su alma entrelazada a la propia tierra, este coto de caza de reyes.”

“Es diciembre de 1989, en los desolados bosques y colinas de la campiña sueca. Ha pasado un mes desde que la población se desvaneció de la noche a la mañana, y has pasado este tiempo explorando el sombrío mundo abierto solo y con amigos, pegado a las sombras para buscar equipo y armas en tu…”

“Es hora de presentar tus trofeos como se merecen. El lujoso y exótico diseño del Safari Saseka es perfecto para mostrar tus monturas de trofeos individuales y múltiples, o para exhibir tus armas favoritas en los armarios.”

RAGE 2 es fruto de la colaboración entre dos pesos pesados como son Avalanche Studios, expertos en la creación de mundos abiertos demenciales, e id Software, los creadores de los shooters en primera persona; y ofrece un frenesí de masacres en el que podrás visitar cualquier sitio, disparar a cualqui

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Soul Land Reloaded for Android and iOS is an addictive game of New Times game… From version 1.1.3RLS she is able to satisfy even the most demanding player. Downloadable game file Soul Land Reloaded does not even exceed 100 MB, at least in version 1.1.3RLS. New Times game created it specifically for mobile devices, so you can play it anywhere and anytime.

New Times game made it in such a way that it is able to immerse you in a new world of virtual reality, with new interesting characters and exciting tasks. Download Soul Earth Reloaded on Android is not a problem, but not everyone can achieve some results in the game. That’s why we wrote this article in which you will get a trick. Soul Land Reloaded in version1.1.3RLS.

why 1.1.3RLS? This is the most complete version of the Soul Land Reloaded game that exists at the time of writing this article. Maybe New Times game have already released updates, but the application code remains the same. What does it mean? It means that the tool we provide will work even on a newer version, and not only on 1.1.3RLS.

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