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Shipping container warehouse

Container handling

Pallets play a very important role in ensuring that the logistics process of transporting goods is efficient as they guarantee the optimal handling of the vast majority of products.

At MC Logistics we offer you a top quality service and a specialized team with the aim of reducing operating costs and offering you maximum efficiency in the unloading and handling of your palletized goods.

PALLETIZED MERCHANDISE At Logistica MC we offer you a professional and efficient container loading and unloading service with the objective of guaranteeing that the goods are handled correctly and safely.

In order to secure the goods in the containers and make the most of the cargo volume, we carry out an inspection of the container, both inside and outside. In this way we guarantee that there are no damages such as leaks and therefore ensure the loading and unloading of the products.

When loading the container we make sure that security elements such as doors or seals work perfectly or that the load is well secured and organized. We check that the goods are the right ones and we check the lashing to ensure that the container’s capacity can withstand the normal stresses of the trip.

Storage of containers in yard

Containers are a type of support for the handling and storage of goods, with which they form a loading unit. Their shape allows the products to be housed inside and protected from possible shocks during transport.

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Containers with the same dimensions as the European pallet are usually used, to enable their transport with the same type of forklifts, as well as their location in any type of storage system.

There are also other types of containers with different sizes for specific uses. In addition, as with pallets, they can be manufactured with three different types of materials to meet specific needs. The main types of containers, depending on the manufacturing material, are the following:

Food storage containers

It is very important to have a space in which to store your goods, especially if they are perishable products in which maintaining the cold chain is essential. Our goal is to manage and coordinate the arrival of your goods to the port and store them in an agile way, and thus avoid waiting times that cause time and economic losses.

Between the processes of transfer and storage of the merchandise, it is necessary to make quality controls. Partida Logistics counts on the work of surveyors who are in charge of analyzing the merchandise (Quality Check) just upon arrival at the port and quickly sending the report to the client.

Algeciras and its port are the natural bridge to Africa due to its strategic location and proximity. Thanks to the several daily routes between Algeciras and Tangier Med, in ships, Ferrys and RO-RO, this logistic dupla is crucial for the fast exchange of goods between the two continents.

The constant internal organization and communication with customers is fundamental in our day to day. Our goal is to dispatch the goods as soon as possible and to inform both the customer and his drivers.

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Container terminal

Among other things, our logistics specialists in Rotterdam have specialized in warehouse logistics. Dedicated storage space is available in the immediate vicinity of the port of Rotterdam.

Not every cargo that is unloaded from a ship in the port of Rotterdam must or can be shipped “one to one” directly. A specialty of our logistics experts in Rotterdam is warehouse logistics. Our team has dedicated warehouse space available in close proximity to the port of Rotterdam and direct access to the A15 freeway, the main road transport axis in the Rotterdam port area.

Europe-wide sales market “For distribution logistics throughout Europe, we offer economical conditions with the warehouse,” explains Bert de Haan. And: “Together with our customs clearance services, we act as a Dutch fiscal representative and are also AEO-F certified, we offer our customers the opportunity to ship their products all over Europe at short notice.”

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