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Round shingles

Practical Training on Proteja Colonial Roof Tile and Accessories

to install. The entire surface of the roof looks comfortable. Each tile connected with C – shaped ceiling carrier firmly, which shows a strong sense of aesthetic, noble and elegant vision.

It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, transportations, special buildings, interior partitions, suspended ceiling, wall, airport, bus station, museum, opera house, exhibition hall, shopping moll, conference room, bar and etc.

Colonial Tile Decoration – Sara Vega / CasayVidaCL

The tile is a piece used to form roofs on buildings, to receive and channel rainwater, snow, or hail. There are other ways of forming roofs, but when they are made with tiles, they are called roofs.

The shape of the pieces and the materials used are very variable: the shapes can be regular or irregular, flat or curved, smooth or with grooves and protrusions; the materials used can be ceramic (made with terracotta), hydraulic (made with cement mortar), plastic and bituminous (made with plastic polymers derived from petroleum or other raw materials), wood, stone (such as slate).

The use of roofing tiles is attributed to the Greeks, who used thin, slightly curved ceramic slabs. The suburb of Kerámikon in Athens was so called because ceramic tiles were made there. Pliny the Elder says that the Belgians used a soft white stone to make tiles. The palace of the kings of France took the name of Tuileries from the fact that there used to be tile-works there.[1] The palace of the kings of France took the name of Tuileries from the fact that there used to be roof tiles there.

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What types of tiles are there and how to choose them?

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How to install Proteja Colonial System and Accessories

For all those fortunate enough to have a garden or terrace at home, it is time to open an outdoor area and enjoy it to the fullest. With the arrival of sunshine, warmth and good weather, a beautiful decoration is essential to make this space the favorite place in the house.

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Maisons Du Monde is one of our favorite deco brands. Its various collections are so beautiful and stylish that they make us want to constantly redecorate our different spaces at home.

The colorful furniture is responsible for giving good vibes to any terrace, garden or balcony. Spacious chairs, armchairs, sofas and tables made of wood or rattan in beautiful colors such as aqua green, tile or pink. Pieces that are ideal in the most beautiful gardens.

Wood and wicker with textiles in white, the star summer tone and the most classic, are responsible for dressing the most spacious and beautiful terraces for the days of pool and heat. A monochrome that is broken with colorful cushions. Sofas, chairs and traditional or round tables and puffs ideal to complete and enjoy the long summer days.

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