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Quaker oats cookie jar

Oatmeal cookies quaker recipe

Oatmeal and honey cookies are very easy to make and very tasty. This Oatmeal Honey Cookies recipe is made with rolled oats and maple syrup. These oatmeal cookies are very easy and quick to make, besides being an economical recipe. Like all cookies, the Oatmeal and Honey Cookies are ideal for sharing and why not even to give as a gift.

This oatmeal cookies we are going to add nuts and raisins, this turns them into a quaker type oatmeal cookies but richer and being homemade we will use better quality ingredients than the industrial ones.

Oatmeal cookies that are not too hard

In the 1850s, Ferdinand Schumacher and Robert Stuart founded Oat Mills. Schumacher founded German Mills American Oatmeal Company in Akron, Ohio, and Stuart Mills founded North Star Mills in Ontario, Canada. In 1870, Schumacher ran his first known cereal advertisement in the Akron Beacon Journal.

In 1885, Quaker Oats introduced the cereal box, making it possible to purchase the product in moderate quantities. In 1888, the American Cereal Society was formed by the merger of seven large oat millers. Ferdinand Schumacher was named president, Henry Crowell, General Manager, and John Stuart Secretary-Treasurer.

Quaker Oats was officially founded in 1901 by the merger of four oat mills (these were Quaker Mill Company, Cedar Rapids, German Mills American Oatmeal Company and Rob Lewis & Co. American Oats, along with Barley Oatmeal Corporation), all of which sold products made from oats, e.g. oatmeal.

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However, early Quaker Oats advertising, dating from 1909, identifies “The Quaker Man” as William Penn, a 17th-century philosopher, and referred to him as “the standard bearer of the ‘Quakers’ and Quaker Oats.”[5] The figure resembles classic engravings of Penn’s image, beginning in 1877, when he was depicted full-length, sometimes holding a scroll with the word “pure”, written on it.

Oatmeal raisin quaker cookies

At a time when breakfast cereals seem to embody all evils, we find a lot of information about how good oatmeal is. And we no longer know what to expect. Today we are going to try to decipher if eating oatmeal for breakfast is fattening or not.

Oatmeal is a cereal, rich in carbohydrates and proteins and logically provides calories. About 380 calories per 100 grams. At breakfast the portion would be about 30 grams, that is to say about 114 calories. These calories, which are not many, will undoubtedly be spent throughout the day, so we can not say that oatmeal is fattening.

There is a diet circulating on the Internet that promises to lose 5 kilos in 5 days. Already the premise should make us suspicious, because we have spoken many times that quick and miracle diets are usually false and also dangerous.

Quaker dough

In this article we propose 3 easy-to-make oatmeal breakfast recipes so you can start changing your diet for a healthier and more nutritious one. Best of all, they are quick to make and very delicious recipes to enjoy with your family.

A key factor to be in balance is to have a conscious diet that gives us the vital strength to enjoy a full and active life. Eating whole grain Quaker oatmeal promotes a feeling of satiety, which, together with regular physical activity, will keep us at the right weight.

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Today Quaker® has become a brand that offers a portfolio of solutions to Mexican consumers for a varied and delicious nutrition, through different categories that offer the power of oats.

Thanks to my studies and experience in gastronomy, viticulture and photography, I have been able to develop a more objective vision of the gastronomic environment, always seeking to share quality content with my readers.

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