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Plant lovers club

Costa Rica Garden Club

The fourth floor is the games and meeting room. We can find different tables where we can play a variety of social games (cards, chess, backgammon, etc.) and we can meet in a private room to perform tasks that require greater concentration. On this floor we can find the radio studio from where the different programs are broadcasted and can be listened to on the Internet (

This room is the exit door to a beautiful terrace and a magnificent roof terrace from where the view of Madrid from the sky is simply beautiful. Currently, and due to clear weather reasons, neither the terrace nor the rooftop are fully usable, but, without any doubt, they will be a must as soon as the weather improves a bit.

The collaboration with ARGO is clearly linked to the figure of our partner and friend Diego Ortiz, whom we have to thank for the great efforts he made to make us all feel at home. To begin with, Diego and ARGO wanted to invite us to an appetizer of Iberian ham cut with a knife by a professional cutter, along with which we could taste a magnificent fino de jerez served by a venenciador. Both professionals were very attentive to all of us, and solved all our doubts about how to cut the ham, how to keep the fino fresh, etc. These viands were complemented with our first cigar of the night, some González Márquez Perlas. It was very curious that the ham, the fino and the cigars gave us the feeling that we were spending an evening at the Jerez fair despite the fact that we were spending a very cold night in Madrid.

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So, as curious and plant lovers that we are, we could not miss the opportunity to discover more about this type of distant techniques, which increasingly have more followers in Chile and allow us to face nature knowing it from other perspectives. Therefore, we met again from our homes in this new session of the Plant Club, which took place last Tuesday, April 20, where this time we not only talked about plants, but also held a workshop to make our own kokedama live, with the help of Veronica Lopez and Tu Kokedama Chile, sharing all their tricks with us. Among the participants, few of us had made a kokedama before, so the excitement was palpable, there was a great desire to meet again at the Club!

Club de Orquídeas Puebla – What steps should be taken during the

Theodore Payne Foundation Winter Plant Sale at the foundation’s nursery, 10459 Tuxford St., Sun Valley, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The sale includes native seeds (including native milkweed for monarchs), books and other items, as well as one of the region’s largest selections of native plants. Members receive a 15% discount, and non-members receive a 10% discount on all plants, seeds, and equipment from the foundation. Masks are required on the grounds. Admission is free, but shoppers must pre-register for specific dates and times. Each reservation is for one vehicle with a maximum of four passengers (who do not need to make separate reservations). eventbrite.comThrough May 31.

The Succulents Club is starting!

Who has never over-watered a cactus or succulent plant or let it get a good downpour of water outside? This amount of water can even kill them, so we give you the keys to recover them! 11. Which succulents withstand frost? Are there certain species of succulents that withstand frost and low temperatures better? The answer is yes. We give you some of their names and the factors that influence a greater or lesser survival12. Why do cacti have spikes?You may have never stopped to think about the reason why cacti have spikes, but it is really interesting. Cacti replace their leaves with spikes, which can be of different types on the same plant, in order to maintain their humidity in desert areas. Did you know that?

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