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@ Carola de ArmasAnd it is in the case of the duration of the extensions that the ranking changes a little. Although the secret to make the decision will be in making the perfect equation between care and duration. Of course, you have to take into account priorities and the state of your hair. If you’ve got a BEAUTIFUL hair, you can go for anything, but if it’s delicate, you’ll have to think carefully about your choice. Tired of your bob? Here come the extensions.

@ Carola de ArmasKnot extensionsKnot extensions are placed with a technique originating from Brazil with which the extensions are knotted to your hair. They are ideal for short hair because they are hardly noticeable and can be knotted very close to the scalp. However, before choosing this type of hair extensions you should take into account the condition of your hair and whether you have a lot or little hair. Extensions, my dear.

Some hair extensions are made of synthetic fibers, but they are not popular because artificial hair extensions are not heat resistant and cannot be styled, reused or biodegradable. Because it is much lighter than real human hair, synthetic hair will never move in the same way. Therefore, today’s hair extensions are made primarily of real human hair and can be styled, bleached and cared for just like normal hair.

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The beauty industry is in an era of unprecedented growth thanks to the development of the economy. Women today are increasingly concerned about their appearance, especially their hair.

Clip-in hair extensions are a perfect temporary hair extension method, which can be easily applied and removed. They are the safest and fastest way to get longer and thicker hair without the commitment of permanent extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are usually attached to a base weft with easily sewn-in clips. Clip-in hair extensions require the least commitment compared to all other hair extension techniques. If you are looking to promote the healthy growth of your natural hair, clip in hair extensions are the perfect method of extensions.


On the phases of expansion of the Tahuantinsuyo there are several hypotheses and divisions made by various historians. Some authors agree on the division of three phases in the expansion of the Tahuantinsuyo: the consolidation and first expansion; the second expansion; and the third expansion and fall.[2] In the local history of some countries, the Inca incursion is periodized in three phases.

Meanwhile, in the local history of some countries, the Inca incursion is periodized in stages that represent the Inca advance in their respective territories. There are also many discrepancies among researchers about the Inca incursions in some areas that have been little studied.

It corresponds to the reigns of Sinchi Roca and Lloque Yupanqui. During this stage the rulers established alliances with the societies contiguous to Cusco, these alliances established the ties that would serve in the future to expand their territory.[2] The Inca Empire was the most important period of the Inca Empire in the Incas.

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It corresponds to the governments of the Incas Mayta Cápac, Cápac Yupanqui, Inca Roca, Yahuar Huáca and Wiracocha. During the reign of Wiracocha Titu Cusi Yupanqui (Pachacutec) imposes himself on the Chancas and establishes his hegemony in the Vilcanota, Apurimac and Pampas basin.[2] The Inca Empire is the most important of all the Incas.

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