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Who Am I? sub Spanish / Sense8

Perhaps the literary quality of the pastoral and amorous verses included in La silva curiosa de Julián de Medrano (1583) is not extraordinary, but the very singularity and rarity of this Renaissance miscellany are well worth some attention[1]. Today I will briefly comment on another of the compositions included in the section “Versos pastoriles de Julio M. sentidos y harto graciosos”. It is the “Sonnet on a motto of Julio that says: “Who resists Love being angry?”, whose text is this:

[1] This entry is part of the research project Modelos de vida y cultura en la Navarra de la modernidad temprana, directed by Ignacio Arellano, which is supported by a grant from the Fundación Caja Navarra, “Convocatoria de ayudas para la promoción de la Investigación y el Desarrollo 2015”, Área de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales.

Josep Nava

By the way, Crystals x2. I explain how I’m doing it and it’s the best way I’m farming. I do the ten daily trying to get all the gems available. Then if I have 4-5 trys left over I put low level people to go up and so I also go up in rank which is 100 more gems. Then I buy the x2 bonus and open the dungeon that interests me. I rustle level 5 for 30 minutes. This way you hardly lose any gems (I would say you gain depending on how many x2 items you buy) and you get enough crystals to level up.

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Good people I just started recently and I’m on ch5, I have 40 ks of crystals I just spent on the 2500 lowered banner and I have vivi, tifa and vanille’s weapon. any tips to get started? what are the bells that recharge every day? And most importantly is there an optimal type of equipment to start spending crystals and levearlos or is it a bit for the fanboyada of the characters that you like the most?

And as for which characters to use, well each one has its strengths, if it is true that I think that any character at a good level and with your weapon does a good job but the most pro now for me personally are vaan,squall,cloud,laguna,zidane and support vanille/yuna. Anyway you can always take a look at some tier list.

Gameplay English – Hotwheels Unleashed

I’ve been playing for a long time, but it’s fun enough to play without paying!Even if you’re thinking of starting from now, it can become quite strong if you clean it up with patience! (★ 5) (22/2/4)

First of all, it’s a game where you don’t have to pay to draw a porridge.People who say they are astringent are not good at drawing porridge.There are two types, gems and tickets, and if you draw with gems, the issue rate will improve.It’s like gems when you are a character you recommend or a character you really love, and you draw a ticket for others. Most quests can be completed in a month without paying.You need to think about training the character according to the gimmick of each quest, but if you don’t strengthen the character, armor and weapons correctly, you can’t show their true value, so check it on youtube, etc. (★ 2 ) (1/5) /Four)

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I play every day.If you find a mask you like, you will be charged (* ⁰▿⁰ *) I still can’t beat the high difficulty level, but I think it gradually gets stronger, so I’m looking forward to beating it ( ๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) (★ 5) (21/10/30) (★ 5) (21/10/30)


Players can experience the world of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY on mobile devices by teaming up with dozens of legendary FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains and fighting through a great original narrative. The game features strategic turn-based combat and a wide variety of weapons to use in battle.

As players progress through the story, FINAL FANTASY characters will join your party. In February, special bonuses will be available to all players who download and log into the game:

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