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Monalisa granite

ELE – Wish you were here ( Pink Floyd cover)

Our tiles are made from natural elements and the finest clay available, and are guaranteed for minimal environmental impact. Our products do not contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or polyvinyl chloride, making them a safe and healthy choice for your space.

We provide a tile specification guide for a better understanding of the products and their specifications. This allows for a convenient and hassle-free purchase of the most suitable tile solution…

An installation guide is provided with every purchase to ensure a perfect tile installation. Proper and correct tile installation ensures longevity and prevents cracks or other leaks…

Use & Care Guide sets out best practices on how tiles should be used and cared for, for a longer life. It serves as the most fundamental guidelines to maintain the polish, stability and quality of the tiles for a long time…

La Monalisa petting cat

French government art experts are trying to discover it by analyzing it in a laboratory beneath the Louvre, the museum where the Mona Lisa hangs, to see if da Vinci created it before painting his 16th century masterpiece.

The images also have other signs that could hint at a possible drawing by Leonardo despite their very worn elements, as they highlight the quality of the face and arms, which are reminiscent of the master’s work.

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‘We know Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed and now we are trying to find left-handed features,’ said the curator. But the task is difficult. The drawing is very old, very fragile, he said, so it is not certain that evidence will be discovered that the nude was left-handed.

OUTDOOR20 by ROCERSA. Placement on gravel

Stimuli were presented in random order and participants indicated their perceived emotional facial expression (first task) and the confidence of their response (second task). The probability of responding “happy” to the original Mona Lisa was close to 100%.

Overall, the original Mona Lisa appears to be less ambiguous than expected. However, perception and reaction to the content of the emotional face is relative and strongly dependent on the range of stimuli used.

This site reserves the right to publish comments. Those that are denigrating, offensive, defamatory, out of context, or that attempt against the dignity of a person or social group will not be made visible. We recommend brevity in your statements.

This site reserves the right to publish comments. Those that are denigrating, offensive, defamatory, out of context or that violate the dignity of a person or social group will not be visible. We recommend brevity in your statements.

Carlota and Monna Lisa

These are some of the many initiatives with which the motorcycle world has tried to support in a fight of all, but surely none of them had as much art as this initiative: the ‘Ducati Mona Lisa’.

Specifically, this painting is part of the series ‘Mona Lisa’, in which Jisbar is dedicating himself to reinterpret the well-known masterpiece of the Italian Leonardo Da Vinci in the most diverse ways, always through his own colorful and imaginative style.

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A series that consecrates him as one of the most emerging young artists of the world pop-art scene, and that connects with motorcycles in the ‘Ducati Mona Lisa’. In it, the female figure in the center of the painting is surrounded by various graphic and visual elements that recall both the history of Ducati and the different models of its range and also some of its most famous riders.

The auction will be streamed online and bids can be placed directly from the website, which can be accessed through a link obtained during the registration phase. Registration is now open on the website, which is available in Italian, English, French and Chinese, although the live broadcast will be exclusively in Italian.

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