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The main reason why this can happen is that your player is compatible with MKV but not with the audio codec that carries content: the rebel DTS. A format that comes in handy in case you have home cinema, but only gives headaches to the rest of the mortals.

An easy solution would be to transform the MKV to another format such as MP4 or AVI, since, in this process, the converter also changes the audio codec to a more compatible one. However, this usually results in a loss of quality.

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MKV Player is a simple video player mainly oriented to MKV files, which will allow us to associate these movies to watch them automatically just by double clicking on them.

The program, however, has very few options once we are playing the movie in question. We can only press ‘play’, ‘stop’, go back and forth, take screenshots and very little else.

What the application does allow us to do with relative comfort, is to create playlists of our files, something that will be especially useful if we have a good collection of MKV.

MKV Player is a good player, but it works better as a support for another program with more features, since it offers many problems when trying to play files in formats other than MKV.

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However, the progress of high definition formats made this format obsolete, forcing the adoption of other formats with greater capacity to accommodate 3D videos and Full HD or 4K definitions.

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First of all, we must clarify that MKV is not a video file format in the same way as AVI or MP4. It is a container format, which contains files of different types that are used during video playback.

Being a container file means that for its creation you do not need to re-encode the audio and video in a certain format as it happens with AVI or MP4 formats, but they are simply “packed” inside it as if it were a container box and the user can access them using a player suitable for MKV files.

That is, in a single MKV file we can find several video files, audio files or related content, but with the advantage that, being a free and open format, it has the support of many more codecs than AVI or MP4.

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Unfortunately, due to compatibility issues, QuickTime Player cannot play MKV files on Mac without additional plug-ins. The easiest option is to use another video player that can play MKV files on Mac natively.

Elmedia Player is the best MKV player for Mac. It natively supports all file formats from FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3 and of course MKV. This popular MKV video player for Mac gives you the best HD quality viewing experience. Thanks to its powerful hardware-accelerated decoding, there is no lag or audio desynchronization.

5KPlayer is another popular free MKV video player for Mac. It is very easy to use, especially when it comes to file format support. It offers numerous options to customize the viewing experience. It allows you to connect via AirPlay, download HD videos directly from the web or extract high-quality audio. With 5KPlayer you have it all.

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