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SAIC Motor Corporation Limited or SAIC (formerly Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is a Chinese state-owned multinational automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is one of the six major Chinese automakers (along with BYD, FAW Group, BAIC, Dongfeng Motor, and Geely)[6] which in 2011 produced 3.64 million vehicles, the largest output of any China-based automaker.[7] It is one of the six major Chinese automakers (along with BYD, FAW Group, BAIC, Dongfeng Motor, and Geely)[6] SAIC is the largest automaker in China.

SAIC participates in the oldest Sino-foreign automotive relationship making cars jointly, with Volkswagen, and has also had a joint venture with General Motors since 1998. SAIC sells products under a variety of brands, including those of its joint venture partners. SAIC owns historic British brands MG Motor, LDV (Maxus) and one of the few domestic Chinese luxury car brands Roewe.

During that time SAIC built up a supply chain of components from Shanghai.[11] Numerous domestically produced car parts subsequently increased.[12][13] Car materials became almost entirely produced in Shanghai. In 1998, more than 90% of the components used in their manufacture were locally sourced.[12] This was one of the goals set by the Shanghai municipal government.


From time to time I surf the websites of the car brands in Mexico hunting for news or just to catch up with their prices. Exactly 9 days ago I saw that there was only one new car for less than 200,000 pesos. Today, as I was about to write about it, I discovered that this is no longer the case: starting this month, Mexico officially runs out of new cars for less than 200,000 pesos.

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The price increase is not only happening in Stellantis, nor is it exclusive to urban cars. The current-generation SEAT Ibiza FR, for example, arrived in Mexico in August 2017 with a price of 295,200 pesos. Today it costs 377,900 pesos (and it is still a 2021 model.) What has changed? The introduction of digital instrument panel, automatic air conditioning and four extra airbags. Price difference? 82,700 pesos.

The shortage of new cars in dealerships has also triggered a price increase in the used car market. Those who offer it, do so living the fantasy of selling it at the same price it cost new. The bitter side is that that amount today would not be enough to buy that same car new.

Mg autos prices

MG is a brand known primarily for its sporty two-seater convertibles, although it has also produced sedan and coupe models. More recently the brand has also been used for some sports car models belonging to its parent company, SAIC Motor. Its emblem is a sign of cars with distinction.

MG production ceased in the spring of 2005 when the group to which the MG Rover brand belonged filed for bankruptcy. However, in early 2007 the new owners of the brand, the SAIC group, which had acquired the MG Rover company, resumed production of MGs at the Longbridge plant (Birmingham) although as of September 23, 2016 all cars are produced at the plant located in China.[2] The MGs are produced at the plant located in China.[2

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MG’s arrival in Mexico had been rumored for months, and today it finally becomes official. This new car brand in Mexico is not a complete stranger. A couple of decades ago it sold some of its models through an importer, but this time it launches directly, with a totally renewed portfolio and Chinese passport.

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MG’s initial portfolio in Mexico consists of three models. The most accessible is the MG5, a subcompact sedan -compact in size, because it measures 4.6 meters long- with a 113 hp engine and manual or automatic CVT transmission. It falls directly into the category of Chevrolet Onix, Nissan Versa and KIA Rio, with prices ranging from 245,900 to 319,900 pesos.

The flagship of the brand in our country is the HS, a compact SUV of 4.57 meters long that can be configured with 1.5 or 2.0-liter turbo engine and power up to 226 hp. This model will participate in the same category as Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and KIA Sportage, with prices ranging from 488,900 to 549,900 pesos.

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