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Jetta wrap

Installation of chrome vinyl on vehicle, car tuning with

During the month of August will be held one of the automotive events that attract more followers in the United States, we are talking about the Bonneville Salt Lake (Utah), and where Volkswagen will be present with an impressive Jetta specially prepared to try to beat a new speed record in the BGC / G class.

Its interior has also been modified, with the installation of a roll cage, special racing seats and a new steering wheel. It also features a new gear lever, a digital display and a fire extinguishing system.

Volkswagen has not wanted to give much information about the technical specifications, but has assured that it will carry a four-cylinder engine EA888 and 2.0-liter turbocharged. With these characteristics, it will try to beat the maximum mark in its category: 335, 5 km/h.

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Not all concept cars feature space-age styling and fictional power sources.  Sometimes, they’re simply cooler versions of a car you can buy right now.  That’s what Volkswagen offers with its attractive Jetta GLI Blue Lagoon concept, and while you can’t buy this modified car at a dealership, you can build it yourself if you really wanted to.

VW fans will probably recognize the Blue Lagoon link.  In 2004, the sporty Mk4 Jetta GLI entered the U.S. market and arrived with a striking shade of blue exterior called Blue Lagoon.  This 2021 concept pays homage to the classic GLI, although, interestingly, it’s not painted the same color.  Instead of simply heading to a paint booth with the old hue in hand, the team behind the concept turned to aftermarket body wraps until a near-match was found for Blue Lagoon.  As such, the 2021 Jetta GLI seen here is actually a black car wrapped in ORAFOL Midnight Blue Metallic.

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Cars of the WorldVolkswagen created this ‘Blue Lagoon’ Jetta GLI just to please enthusiastsJessica Paola Vera Garcia23 February, 2021posted on Feb. 23, 2021 at 4:30 pmInspired by the 2004 model Jetta GLI, particularly representative for the striking ‘Blue Lagoon’ body color it wore, Volkswagen created a collector prototype of this vehicle. The unit will be for exhibition use only.

This Volkswagen Jetta GLI ‘Blue Lagoon’ concept went through a very interesting process. First you have to know that it is not an original model, and to be as close as possible, they based it on a 2021 Jetta GLI Autobahn 2021. Its base paint was of course not blue, but it wore Deep Black Pearl.

The shade that came closest was Orafol Midnight Blue Metallic, although to the naked eye it looks just as good as the original 2004 model. But it wasn’t all about color on this prototype, receiving some upgrades in accessories such as side skirts and a short rear spoiler located on the trunk lid.

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