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Greek box

Pandora’s box

Pandora is the woman created by Hephaestus to wreak Zeus’ vengeance on mankind. She is best known for opening the golden box that unleashed all the evils in the world, because her curiosity got the better of her.

After Prometheus was punished for giving fire to mankind behind Zeus’ back, Zeus set out to punish mankind for accepting the gift in the first place. He asked Hephaestus to sculpt a beautiful and perfect woman out of clay. Each of the gods gave him a gift, but the most important was a golden box from Hermes, which he was told never to open. The most dangerous gift was the gift of curiosity, given by Hera.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. Pandora opened the box, unleashing all the evil, sorrow and death in the world. She closed the box before Hope could escape, which humanity needs in the face of all the other terrible things she let loose in the world. Pandora Hero Reference

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Place and time of the pandora’s box

In Greek mythology, Pandora (Ancient Greek: Πανδώρα) was the first woman, made by Hephaestus by order of the god Zeus after Prometheus, going against his will, bestowed the gift of fire on mankind.

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The poems present in different ways the introduction of evils by Pandora. In the Theogony, the poet presents her as the first among women, who in themselves bring evil: henceforth the man must choose to flee from marriage in exchange for a life without material deprivation but without offspring to care for him and to maintain after his death his estate; or else marry and live constantly in penury, running the risk even of meeting a shameless woman, evil without remedy.[3]

In Works and Days, Hesiod indicates that men had hitherto lived free from fatigue and disease but Pandora opened an amphora containing all evils (the expression “Pandora’s box” instead of jar or amphora is a Renaissance deformation) releasing all human misfortunes. The amphora closed just before hope was released.[4] The amphora closed just before hope was released.

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Pandora was created by the main god of Olympia, Zeus, as a punishment to Prometheus for having revealed to mankind the secret of fire. This allowed us to cook and raise our culinary knowledge.

Inside it were contained all the evils and misfortunes that mankind could suffer and suffer, such as disease, fatigue, madness, vice, passion, sadness, crime and old age. All covered with a simple cover.

At the first sign of change, Pandora opened the box (which was the new name that replaced the original jar in the Renaissance), and spread over the earth everything bad, turning, since then, the life of men on earth into something painful.

Pandora’s box summary for children

-I know him,” said Pandora thoughtfully, “it was Mercury. It was Mercury who brought me here, and no doubt he did the same with the box. I am sure it is for me, and it probably contains beautiful costumes and toys or else a treat.

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The box was securely locked, and not by a lock or any other such means, but by a gold rope, the two ends of which were tied in such a complicated way that probably no one would have succeeded in untying the knot. And yet, precisely on seeing such a difficulty, Pandora felt the more desire to examine it, in order to find out how it had been made.

In the meantime the bright sunlight shone through the open window. Pandora paused to listen, but at the same time and inadvertently twisted the knot somewhat, and to her great surprise she saw that the golden rope had untied itself, as if by magic.

Epimetheus sat down in a corner with his back to Pandora, and Pandora, for her part, dropped to the floor, resting her head on the fatal and abominable box. She wept bitterly as if her heart was about to shatter.

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