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Golden apricot hair color

Step by step complete dyeing process to achieve your ideal color with

At Simaro we have a wide and varied catalog of items. All our items are brought from the United States to your place of residence. We want to make the process easier for you and shorten the distances. Remember that at Simaro we find it for you!

Our suppliers in the United States provide a 30 days DIRECT warranty, which we extend to our customers, this warranty is ONLY for manufacturing defects, it DOES NOT INCLUDE mishandling BY THE USER.

It is essential that the integrity of the product is guaranteed; the warranty process can only be initiated when the product has intact labels, is in an impeccable state of cleanliness and the box and accessories are in perfect condition.

Remember before buying, make use of the questions tool, where our group of advisors will clarify and clear all your doubts, so you can be totally confident of what you are buying.

Through questions, please tell us your size, color or reference, so we can confirm availability BEFORE you make the purchase. Remember that the published price belongs to the size and color described in the publication. Other sizes and colors may vary in price.


Hair color, which is a fundamental part of our aesthetics, is also a symbol of strength, wisdom, experience, freedom, femininity or virility, fashion, religion, purchasing power, ideologies?

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Although there are no better or worse colors per se, it is true that culturally certain meanings are attributed to it. Depending on the country we are in, hair color may be associated with certain characteristics or others.

Red is par excellence the color of love and hate, heat and passion. Seduction and immorality, strength, happiness and life. Red or red hair is related to a passionate, free and seductive woman. It denotes the expression of life force, drive and the desire to conquer. Red hair is the ultimate expression of sexuality and desire.

Blonde is associated with the color of gold, happiness, goodness and value. We usually associate blond hair with a beautiful, precious or kind woman. Angels were painted with blond hair and when we speak of a good heart we speak of a “heart of gold”. That’s why blond people can convey a certain confidence and well-being.


Almond blondeThe expert explains that this is a warm blonde with honey and reddish highlights. “It is a blonde that lights up subtly and is cozy thanks to the soft red and golden nuances”.

Dark Chai “It’s a creamy beige tone that is close to darker shades and that makes the work on the hair less compromising and its maintenance at home easier and longer lasting,” explains Felicitas Ordás, from Felicitas Hair in Barcelona. The key to wearing it perfectly is shine, as it adds luminosity.

Mushroom blonde “Shades like ‘mushroom’ blend very well with dark bases and give it a lot of personality, without a doubt, a very modern and differentiating touch,” explains Charo García, from Salón Ilitia in Bilbao.

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Honey blonde “This is a very comforting shade of blonde hair, as it is not too light and its reddish component makes it rich and warm. Honey blonde is one of the shades that needs the least maintenance,” says Alex Sestelo.

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the creator of Colormelt (a mix of hairstrobing and balayage highlights) raises his hand to paint mane like a canvas with his brush. “I see the hair in perspective, as if I were doing hair makeup,” he says.

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