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Gold powder coat wheels


The economic crisis has reduced vehicle sales, but not the extravagances of some car enthusiasts, who are willing to turn their car into the most valuable of their possessions. Thus, it is becoming increasingly common to see special editions or modifications of very popular cars with almost complete gold cladding.

Obviously, the entire bodywork is not made of gold, as it is a very malleable metal and too heavy and valuable to be used in a car. In most cases, the vehicles are coated with a thin layer of gold or painted with gold powder paint. Nevertheless, they are later advertised as gold cars.

Among the images of gold vehicles that can be found on the Internet, Mercedes and Porsches stand out, but there are also BMWs and even Lamborghinis and Ferraris. They are transformations whose main objective is to capture the attention of all the people who see them driving on the streets or roads, becoming a statement of intent in themselves.

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The advantages over other processes are also good corrosion resistance, minimized microroughness, improved fatigue resistance and reduced coefficient of friction. The treated surfaces also impress with low product adhesion and reduced deposit build-up. They can therefore be cleaned very easily and quickly. The field of application ranges from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry through architecture and construction to environmental technology and the electronics industry.

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Pickling is a process that chemically removes all contamination from stainless steel surfaces, i.e. by acid. The result is a metallically pure surface of the metal spring. Only then can the passive protective layer be formed in the next step.

Phosphating, also known as bonding, atramentizing or Parkerizing, is one of the most common process technologies in the surface treatment of steel springs. Here, a conversion layer of firmly bonded metal phosphates is formed by chemical reactions between the metal surface and a phosphate solution. These surfaces are of interest for applications where temporary corrosion protection, good adhesion for subsequent painting, friction and wear reduction or electrical insulation are valued. Phosphating is also very economical and cost-effective.

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When we wash your vehicle, we clean the rims and tires first. This will prevent overspray or dirt from splashing on already clean panels.  We never forget when cleaning your wheels and tires with soap and water to use a separate bucket; we always use a separate rinse and a soft bristle brush to avoid contaminating the paint with these products.

We will choose a cleaner that is appropriate for the type of wheels you have. Rough aluminum and chrome can withstand stronger cleaners than coated, painted or anodized wheels.  The cleaner will tell you what it is for on the label but experience is a consideration.    If you are not sure what type of wheels you have, ask us and we will tell you for further maintenance.

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I painted mine, I do not remember how much it cost me (I think about 60 € in paint material) but I bought the paint in a paint store for cars and the result is very very good and there you get the color.

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Hi. If you want it to stay well, look for another painter (there are many) that will give you a reasonable price that the 3-spoke wheels is not so expensive to paint them. The color is white aluminum metallic from BMW (954).

I don’t share your opinion about the durability of a spray paint job. I already said that the key is to prepare everything well. Primer and then paint and no problems. Any type of paint the powder paint also. …the key is surface preparation and for the powder you have to sandblast. And already we start to complicate the issue

Discussion about techniques or prices aside, I would question painting them in gold color. It is very fashionable and very vintage, but it seems to me that you can get tired, and at the time of a possible resale, the gray wheels do not offend and maybe the gold ones do.

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