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Git card

Gift card how it works

A gift card is a gift card with a preloaded amount that is used as a means of payment for purchases at participating merchants. Upon receiving it, the recipient can choose what he/she really likes or needs, and can use it whenever he/she wants.

In case of a lower amount, you can manage the purchase through our website. In the section “Web Purchase Process” you can read the step by step to make a purchase. The Customer Service team will be able to assist you in case you need it.

Through ecommerce: You will have to enter the 16 digits, security code and amount in the purchase process in the WEB page of the brand adhered and enabled for this type of use (consult). You will find the option Enter oh Gift Card either as a means of payment or as a discount on the purchase.

It is possible to check the card’s adhered stores by clicking on the button “Consult balance and adhered stores” or by calling 0810-345-5050. Also, from the e-gift card (or virtual gift card), in the option: “See adhered stores”.

Virtual gift card

In the selected points of sale you will find a wide variety of Gift Cards of different themes, such as Leisure, Wellness, Cinema, Culture, Sports, Fashion, Home, Video Games and Applications among others.

Because thanks to the diversity offered by Gift Card area, you can choose the perfect gift among services and premium brands, aimed at promoting the enjoyment of personal hobbies.

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Depending on the brand of each card, the back of the card specifies whether it is necessary to contact by phone or via the Web with the participating centers, to which you must provide the Gift Card area code.

Yes, if it is a card to be redeemed at a physical establishment, whether Spa Centers, Cinemas, Theme Parks, driving, accommodation, etc. It is mandatory to present the Gift Card, in case of not presenting it the establishment is fully entitled not to offer the service.

Please note that each Gift Card has its own conditions of use and redemption.    In case you want to make any management you should contact our customer service phone: 91 737 20 06

Gift card

At the time, gift card transactions were processed by what was then known as Nabanco of Sunrise, Florida; this bank was the initiator of the first platform for processing gift cards using the existing payment infrastructure.

Some gift cards can only be used at certain establishments, but others are allowed at all stores that accept credit cards, electronic or otherwise. In addition, many gift cards are reloadable, allowing the cardholder the freedom to reuse the card as many times as needed and add as much or as little to the card as desired.

Visa gift card

A gift card, gift check or gift card, is a kind of preloaded debit or credit card that allows its holder to purchase a certain good or service. We can also define it as a card that contains a certain amount of money, issued by a distributor or an entity so that it can be used as a purchase alternative. Generally, this card is usually given as a gift. The term was adopted in Spanish from the English “gift card”.

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Some of these gift cards can only be used in certain stores, however, there are plastic cards that are allowed in all stores that accept credit cards, whether electronic or not. In addition, many are reloadable and allow the cardholder the freedom to reuse them as many times as needed and add the money he/she wants.

It is becoming more and more common to opt for a gift card when making a gift, since many times you are looking for the perfect gift for a special person and you do not know where to go, or what to choose. This card is similar to a credit or debit card, since it comes with a magnetic strip on the back, where it registers the exact amount of money that has been included in the card.

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