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Fortaleza white granite

White granite colombia

While marble is formed by a single mineral, together with calcite, granite presents a mixture of three minerals, providing greater hardness and less porosity than the previous one. In addition, granite is resistant to scratches and chemical agents, being the material “most recommended for use in places such as kitchen countertops, for example,” reveals the architect.In the finish, marble has a more uniform appearance, while granite has more mixed colors and spots, resulting from the mixture of minerals present in its composition.Types of granite.

“With a light greenish background, this type of granite presents black spots of high uniformity. Being a light granite, it is ideal for environments that need lighter and more uniform materials “. A good choice for interior floors or countertops.White granite Siena

This option can be applied both in the external and internal area of the home, being one of the most used options as bench cladding. With black structure and medium grain, this model brings beauty and sophistication to the project.Absolute brown granite.

Kashmir white granite

A black sheet hangs from the balcony of a painted blue house on the beachfront. In the distance, a boat of local sailors returns from America, or perhaps the Philippines. One of the sailors peers over the bow and recognizes the blue house from which the sheet hangs. Also the black color that indicates that someone in his family has passed away while he was at sea.

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For centuries, La Vila Joiosa (or La Vila for the locals) has conversed with the sea through objects, houses and myths that today enrich its history. We discover the secrets of this iconic town 32 kilometers from the city of Alicante that shines among ancient walls, fairytale beaches and colors, many colors.

The town that talks to the seaThe origin of the colors in La Vila can be found in its seafaring origins. During the sixteenth century, La Vila Joiosa was considered a strategic point in the defense of the coast of Alicante against attacks by Barbary pirates, which led to fortify the town and introduce different watchtowers attached to old farmhouses. After the cessation of the attacks, the activity of La Vila unfolded outside the walls until it merged with the Mediterranean Sea.

Paris white granite

The city of La Seo de Urgel, takes its name from the fact that it was the episcopal seat of the bishopric of Urgel and the cathedral was built there. This is the fourth cathedral built in the diocese and the third erected on the same site, around it was born a new neighborhood called in Latin vicus Sedes Urgelli, that is, “neighborhood of the Seo of Urgel.”[5] The original episcopal church, the first of its kind in the diocese of Urgell, was built on the site of the cathedral.

The primitive episcopal church, then located on the top of a hill, was destroyed by a Saracen attack, believed to be in 793. This event, followed by the adoptionist heresy of Bishop Felix of Urgel, provoked a crisis in the population and the transfer of the episcopal see to another area of the city.[5] In 1195, the city of Urgell was destroyed by a Saracen attack, believed to be in 793.

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In 1195, the city of La Seo suffered a siege by Arnaldo de Castellbó and Ramón Rogelio de Foix. The cathedral became the defense of the city due to its characteristics that made it almost a fortress. Seo de Urgel was freed after the clergy paid a ransom of 30,000 sueldos, which caused a crisis in the clerical coffers. As a result, work on the church was halted at the end of the 12th century and was never resumed, leaving the church unfinished. Only the work on the cloister was continued.[6] The church remained unfinished.

Crystal white granite

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