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Forever peonies


Crepe paper replicas and bridal bouquets, custom orders, realistic floral arrangements, non-perishable flowers, centerpieces, complements, botanical paper art… Preserve your wedding day flowers for a lifetime, you will have a memory that will last in time.

Realistic crepe paper peonies handmade with high quality crepe paper. The manufacturing process is 100% handmade, which means that the paper is pre-treated by us before making the flower. The peonies are also hand painted and protected with UV protection, so your crepe paper flowers will keep longer in perfect condition.

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Paper peonies are perfect as home and office decor. Crepe paper flowers can also be used in any kind of celebrations, parties or weddings, to make an original gift for your anniversary, for mom, or for that friend you love so much.

Natural peonies price

For many months, the peony flower becomes desirable. With its generous shape and pastel colors, the peony has everything to seduce. However, like all pleasures in life, it often requires patience. We often wonder what is the flowering period of the peony. Don’t be too impatient, it will arrive in the most subtle way to gently embalm your garden and home during the spring.

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It is important to remember that the peony is a proud flower. Therefore, it needs some attention during its development to give you, when it blooms, a floral show worthy of the name. It is also important to remember that peony, whether shrub or herbaceous, can be planted as early as September. However, for beginners it is preferable to opt for an already rooted plant. It is quite possible to make cuttings of peonies, but this requires a lot of patience and some mastery in the field.

Most of the work is behind you, you are blooming. What a joy to see this time slowly approaching after months of maintenance and special care for your tender peonies. We know that the planting period begins in September. The earlier the plant is planted, the more the peony can take root in the soil and develop for the following spring. Yes, the peony blooming period is around April to July.

Peony seeds

Peonies are also known as “Mou Tan”, being the main floral symbol of love and marriage. When displayed in the house, it brings the luck of marriage to unmarried members of the family. They are native plants of Central Asia, their habitat goes from Tibet across northern China to Siberia. Peonies lactiflora were first known as Peonies albiflora when they were first introduced to Europe in the 18th century and quickly became a cut flower. And although they have long been hybridized into a multitude of varieties in shape and color to look spectacular. They are plants that require little care and can be used in many ways, including mass plantings or hedges.

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Watering peonies should be moderate, without puddling. Too much water can cause the plant to suffocate and too little water will create flowers with too few petals and the petals will fall prematurely. It is best to water after planting and never water in high temperatures in spring or summer.

Peony season in Argentina

It is one of the most popular flowers, both to have in the garden and for any floral arrangement.  In addition to its incredible beauty, there is another aspect that makes it irresistible. The care of the peony is so simple that makes it an ideal plant for both amateur gardeners and beginners. If there is one thing that characterizes this plant, it is that it is extremely resistant. What’s more, it has a certain ability to fend for itself with little attention as an adult.

Before knowing in detail the care of the peony, it is not superfluous to know something more of its history. Despite being a plant native to Asia, its expansion throughout the Old Continent has made it almost an autochthonous plant. Something that we owe, to a great extent, to the Roman Empire that, captivated by its beauty, took it wherever it went. A fact that has allowed us to enjoy it in a traditional way in latitudes far away from its origins.

Whether we decide to keep it in a pot or grow it directly in soil, peony care is equally undemanding. In fact, we will only have to be attentive to it in its first stage. A time when it does need more attention. It is precisely at the time of planting when they demand more attention. And not because its maintenance is different from its adult stage. Rather, it is because laying the foundations of the plant correctly will allow it to take root and grow in good conditions.

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