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Floors that look like water

Porcelain wood flooring

From our experience, 100% of our customers have a lot of doubts when choosing the porcelain material for the inside -of the pool basin- of the swimming pool. And it is true, it is going to be the protagonist. And among many other reasons because it determines the color of the water. Well, no more doubts!

We have prepared a selection of pools in Rosa Gres and Cerámica Mayor that we have built (have we told you that we are pool builders?) with a very representative range of water tones from blue to almost green. Green without blue is best avoided. It would not be a good symptom of hygiene in any pool.

As you can see, in all of them the water of the pool tends to blue, more or less intense, more greenish or more turquoise; but always staying in the range of blue to green and never reaching the absolute green… unless you have algae. But there it does not influence the porcelain used.

I need budget for porcelain tile pool 3×6’5 with platform and stairs the platform I would like 2×1’5 and the other 1m for the stairs with LED light and saline purifier and price and all assembly and excavation and all without surprises …thank you very much.

Flooring for houses

Surface water is the water that flows over the surface of the ground. Surface water is produced by runoff generated from precipitation or groundwater upwelling. Once produced, surface water follows the path of least resistance and can be in the form of currents, as in the case of rivers and streams, or still in the case of lakes or reservoirs.

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The quality of rivers and streams varies according to seasonal flows and can change significantly due to rainfall and discharges. Lakes and reservoirs generally have less sediment than rivers, but are subject to greater impacts from the point of view of microbiological activity.

Groundwater is of essential importance to our civilization because it is the largest reservoir of drinking water in the regions inhabited by humans. It can appear on the surface in the form of springs, or it can be extracted by wells. In times of drought, it can serve to maintain the flow of surface water, but even when there is no shortage, it is preferable to use groundwater because it does not tend to be contaminated by waste or microorganisms. Although groundwater is less polluted than surface water, contamination of this resource has also become a concern in industrialized countries.

Racholas soil

The bedroom is an area with less traffic, so we can be much more creative, betting on more realistic ceramic floors imitation wood. Even if you like rural floors made with planks, full of grooves and veins, how beautiful is this one, right?

It is true that there is outdoor wood that looks great and is cheaper, but you have to polish and varnish it regularly so that it does not look old and worn. With stoneware this problem disappears.

The technique of sealing and encapsulation has evolved a lot and every time they are cleaner, but if you want the grains to be hyper realistic it is inevitable that they have micro grooves like real wood.

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Ceramic floors

Laminate, vinyl, ceramic or composite. There are many materials that offer the warm effect of wood and are more resistant. Their finishes imitate all types of wood and offer many benefits. If you are thinking of changing the floor and you like imitation wood, take note of our ideas.

Who doesn’t like the effect of wood? The warmth it brings, the beauty of the grain, its honey tones… And, for the floor, it is a very decorative option. But it is also one of the most expensive alternatives and requires more care. But don’t worry! If you really like the wood finish, you have many other very decorative, durable options that require less attention. Laminate, vinyl, ceramic or composite – who says there aren’t stylish alternatives?

Vinyl floors that imitate wood are another great option for your home. They are placed on top of the previous flooring and stand out among all the options for their great resistance and easy cleaning. And if laminate floors are more economical than wood -glued or nailed-, vinyls win in that race.

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