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Fake grass around pool


Too much water is not good for natural grass or most plants, but an artificial turf can handle excess water very well. The permeable backing also allows water to drain properly so you don’t have to worry about puddles.Plus, synthetic turf is less likely to become slippery when wet, which helps increase the safety of your kids, pets and guests.

As an added bonus, artificial turf doesn’t get dirty with all that extra water; whereas natural grass certainly would.Unlike natural grass, there is no need to use pesticides or herbicides on your artificial turf. This is beneficial, as they can get into your pool water during the application process or by walking barefoot on it and then entering the pool.Also, pool chemicals can get into the grass by splashing the pool water. Chlorine and other water maintenance chemicals, can kill natural grass. What makes a pool with artificial grass such an attractive option is that it doesn’t have the same amount of work as a natural lawn, since you don’t have to mow, water, or clean it, but it offers the same green, relaxing space to lay out in the sun.

It is possible to install a swimming pool on artificial turf

Today at Césped Vallirana we will talk about the advantages of installing artificial turf around a swimming pool, and we will also show you pictures of installations in swimming pools made by our professionals so that you can evaluate our work.

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This installation is quite curious, and a good idea if you want to install artificial grass, our installers had to cut the artificial grass into strips to place it between the tiles. The model installed between the tiles around the pool is the v30 model, if you want more information about this model click here. In the larger areas of the image the v40 model was installed and you can see in the image that it offers excellent results.

The peculiarity of this installation are the different shapes of the artificial grass, you can see that it adapts to any surface with the shape you want, in this installation, our professionals had to cut the rolls of 2m wide to adapt it to the curves of the ground and the pool. In this installation we used our v40 model, for more information about this model click here .


Artificial grass has come a long way since it was first commercially applied because new materials and advances in the manufacturing process have resulted in a more natural and durable product.

When you factor in the maintenance costs of natural grass, the artificial version becomes more cost effective, making it a practical choice for your pool deck surface.

Artificial turf is a safe, slip-resistant surface, making it well suited for use around a swimming pool. The non-slip surface is critical around pool areas, which can quickly become wet and dangerous. Since artificial turf does not heat up as much as concrete, it is a better choice than concrete or brick patio finishes.

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The first artificial turf was installed in 1964 at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. Then, in 1966, artificial turf achieved its first commercial success when it was installed at the Astrodome in Houston Texas.

Artificial grass leroy merlin

Having a garden with a pool is a reason to enjoy, not to worry. Tasks like mowing the lawn can be tedious and surely because of the summer heat you postpone it or because visitors arrive and you have to mow in a hurry and you end up without energy to do it.

With artificial grass in pool areas, the maintenance is very low and you will also save money. Maintenance can be solved by simply brushing and washing it from time to time, so you can enjoy it whenever you want. You don’t need a machine, just a hose and a brush to maintain it comfortably at any time, and it takes much less time than cutting corners.

The use of artificial grass is a solution to avoid insects in the garden especially for the pool area as it greatly decreases the presence of any insects, which is important not only for comfort but also for everyone’s safety.

Another advantage of artificial grass is that it does not require the use of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, which creates a measure of safety. These types of chemicals can cause side effects if they come in contact with the skin and eyes, obviously if we have a pool, we will spend most of the time lying on the grass.

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