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Evil eye flower box

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Las Flores del Mal – The Cat’s Eye

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The Flowers of Evil (Demo)

The stick incense against the evil eye provides an atmosphere of protection against any envy or attack that we may receive. This incense can be a good complement to candle petitions such as the herbal candle against envy, the double charge san benito or the prayer candle against spells.

The incense is considered the symbol par excellence of the cleaning of the air, that is why it is known as the “miraculous substance”. It is made with natural resins dried and mixed with different woods, leaves or aromatic flowers of various fragrances, hence its powerful and spiritual nature.

Incenses are widely used to harmonize environments, make petitions and help to achieve states of meditation, relaxation and inspiration. They are a perfect complement to any candle petition. Once our petitions are made, it is customary to smoke for 7 days with incense, to enhance the petition and transport our will through the air.

DOG SHED with cardboard box * Recycling Tutorial

In this land, ideas bordering on the magical are at the surface, and beliefs as old as the soil itself cling to the way people interpret the world. For certain things, there is no clear division between natural and supernatural; as if it were a field of rockroses, no one doubts that the invisible perfume that permeates the air is less real than the sunburned bushes that give it off.

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On this island it is feared that a glance can kill you – or, at the very least, make you seriously ill – if it catches you without a sachet of yarrow and hypericum around your neck, or if it is left undiagnosed and untreated by the village ‘curandera’ (healer), who understands medicine against aojamientos: sa mexina de s’ogu.

Other versions of the ritual use oil, salt and water. The diagnosis will depend on how the oil is arranged over the water. In the case of wheat, the element to take into account is the amount (and, sometimes, disposition) of air bubbles that get ‘stuck’ to the grain when it sinks.

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