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East west sapphire ring

As ubiquitous as prong engagement rings seem, there was a time when this silhouette was virtually nonexistent. Fast forward to the 19th century, this elegant style burst onto the scene and forever changed the way jewelers present notable gems.

Learn about the history of this ultra-popular ring setting, the best stone cuts to pair with them, and why their versatility is key when deciding which aesthetic is best for you.

Both experts agree that rare antique cuts, such as cabochon, may be better suited with other setting techniques. ‘Setting prongs can be quite laborious,’ explains Fromont. ‘Their proportions are often cut and finished by hand and each side has to be identical, particularly to match the perfection of an impressively cut stone.’ Because of this, dowel setting costs can run the gamut.

Both experts nod to a six-month cleaning and a checkup with a trusted jeweler to make sure your prong setting stands the test of time. ‘The jeweler will inspect your jewelry prongs for any weaknesses or trauma, making sure the diamond(s) remain secure in the setting,’ says Lawler-Trustey.


The most iconic engagement ring style of all, the Forever Classic Solitaire is also the most popular in our gallery. It features a single diamond set in the center of the ring. See image 1 below.

Delicate band diamond engagement rings:This is the cleanest, most minimalist style that lets the diamond in the center take center stage. A clean, thin band is in demand in all styles.

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Rounded shapes are at the forefront right now. So, at the top, we have the round brilliant cut followed by the cushion cut. Although elegant, the cushion cut is in demand for its soft rounded shape and extraordinary luster. In third place is the timeless princess cut.

Color and clarity grades are wide, but the grooves that offer diamonds with the best value for money are H and SI1. Stones of this color and clarity are perfectly eye-clean and visibly white.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Water Girl / The Four Elements

There are many excellent alternatives to mined diamonds available, beautiful white gemstones both natural and lab-made. Discover the different options and choose the one that is right for you.

In this article, we will focus on white or colorless jewelry stones that can mimic mined diamonds. If you prefer colored gemstones, check out our list of the best colored gemstones for engagement rings.

Those looking for a more eco-friendly or ethical engagement ring may also prefer alternative gemstones. However, ethically sourced natural diamonds are available for those who have the budget to do so. See our guide to ethical engagement rings.

While lab-manufactured diamonds are 100% real diamonds, many consumers appreciate them as alternatives to mined diamonds. Because they are more environmentally friendly and non-conflict diamonds, lab-manufactured diamonds have become quite popular.

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