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Dodge 3700 gt

Dodge barreiros

Customize your DODGE 3700 GT floor mats with infinite possibilities: carpet color, trim color (around the carpet), embroidery (a name, company logo, …) and heel pad (pvc reinforcement on the driver’s floor mat, to protect it from rubbing), all for free.

Buy without complications and at the lowest price the best floor mats for DODGE 3700 GT on the market.  Easily choose the options you like to customize your DODGE 3700 GT floor mats, the color of the carpet, the color of the trim, place an embroidery on the front (name, company logo, … ) or put a heel pad (reinforcement on the driver’s mat) all without increasing the price.

If what you need is a mat of medium quality, clean and soft look, if you are a person who likes practicality and do not want to waste time, what you need are the DODGE 3700 GT Velour mats; velour 100% polypropylene, 2200gr/m2 , thickness of 8 mm and non-slip latex base.

Dodge gtx

[su_dropcap]D [/su_dropcap]Among the national production of passenger cars, the appearance in 1965 of the Dodge Dart was striking. Compact in the United States and huge here, these models had the privilege of being assembled in Villaverde at the same time as in Detroit.

In addition, the entire range was fitted with an anti-roll bar associated with the front suspension for the first time. Thanks to this component, the Dodge was more settled and significantly improved its cornering behavior.

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On the other hand, the new Dodge 3700 GT had more horsepower, achieved through the use of a Carter twin-barrel carburetor and a faster camshaft.  With it, the 3,686 cc six-cylinder engine made 165 SAE hp at 4,200 revolutions.

But between that being SAE horsepower and the car’s unladen weight of 1,380 kg, this nearly 5-meter-long sedan could hardly be called a GT. We’d better leave that designation for Ferrari 250s and the like.

In reality, this model was designed for comfortable and relaxed travel. And in this, its best assets were a quiet engine and a cabin as spacious as comfortable, plus a trunk in which even volume to spare.

Ford and dodge

Once the stocks of the initial Dart were finished, to continue manufacturing the Dodge there were two options: to proceed to the total nationalization of the company, or to propose a new car, taking advantage of the fact that in the Villaverde factory there was an important machinery whose function was to build mechanical elements of Dodge, and that in order to be able to amortize it would be necessary to continue manufacturing cars of the same mechanics.

Thus was born in 1971 the Dodge 3700, which had no correspondence in its bodywork with the American models, and which was the same as the one developed by Chrysler for its Dodge Polara models manufactured in Argentina by Chrysler-Fevre Argentina since 1968, although some aesthetic modifications were made that differentiated them.[3] The Dodge 3700 was the first of the new models to be manufactured in Argentina.

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Dodge polara

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