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Cobblestone gray shingles

Teja cerámica

When the city of Munich completed the paving of its streets, tons of whole stones were available at a bargain price; these were used to pave the pavements around the hall and the continuous parking area.

This is the final design for Times Square and will create a level surface, sidewalk to sidewalk, beautiful pavers that have nails in them to reflect the light from the billboards, creating a great new energy on the street, and we think it will really create a great place, a new crossroads of the world that is worthy of its name.

The original form of the Tower is largely preserved, and so it is hard to walk around its dark, grey towers and cobbled streets without being reminded of the violence, suffering and human tragedies that have unfolded within its walls over the centuries.

Por lo general, el adoquinado de la Plaza Santa María en Trastevere, predominantemente peatonal, se encuentra en un buen estado de conservación gracias a los propios adoquines de sílex, que se han conservado en buenas condiciones al haber permanecido en su estado original, y gracias también a las técnicas empleadas para su colocación, creando una inclinación principal y una serie de declives secundarios rítmicos obtenidos mediante la repetición de motivos y decoraciones.

Veranda Tiles

Close-up of construction worker installing and laying paving stones on terrace, road or sidewalk. Worker using stones and rubber hammer to build stone sidewalkSlab paving. Tileable Seamless Texture

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Asphalt stone textureBench in city parkSlab paving by mosaic foreground. Road paving, construction. Fixed tessellated sidewalk tiles. Colored concrete paving slabPatterned paving tiles, cement brick backgroundGrey patterned paving tilesPaving slab paving. Tileable seamless texture

.Paver working on kneesConstruction workers installing and fixing precast concrete stone paversSenior gardener hands paving natural stone terrace, professional precision workExterior stone tile paving tile backgroundTabique3Brown brick paving tiles. Seamless texture

.Concrete paving texture, top viewMarble pavers or tilesMaster in yellow gloves lays cobblestonesBrown and earth tone ceramic tile floor – perfect texture for 3D modeling and renderingWave paving slabs. Tileable Seamless Texture

Tejas spain

I sell 60 TEIDE ALBERO concrete tiles. Each unit measures 34 ctms (width) x 42 ctms (length). The 60 tiles are equivalent to 8.4 square meters. As you can see in the picture, it is a very nice and very resistant tile. You can see them on the roof. The tiles are completely NEW, brand new. Price: 36 euros.


Price of roof tiles

This week disappeared under two layers of asphalt another piece of history of 19th century Valencia. Floresta street, in the heart of Camins al Grao was one of the few 19th century cobblestone streets left in the Cap i Casal.

The newspaper archive reminds us of Ribó, Grezzi, and the deputy mayors (each one on his own side) Campillo and Sandra Gómez evaluating the paving of the Town Hall square. But two days later they filled it with tar and buried it under layers of asphalt. The perfectly preserved rails of the 19th century Plaza de la Reina were also torn out. Now it is the cobblestone that has ended up in a container or in the warehouse of a company that will later resell it for reuse.

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The same fate befell the tiles of the Grao Market in its rehabilitation. A lack of empathy and respect for history on the part of the municipal authorities, who spend the money of the council of historical heritage in the momolito, exhibition and books of the 15M or the Valencian spring but assure again and again to the Síndic d’Agravis lack of budget to preserve the monuments and history of the City.

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