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Chocomil mexican

Glass of chocomilk

It is often thought that chocolate milk may contain chemicals that interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Chocolate contains oxalic acid, which reacts with the calcium in milk to form calcium oxalate, preventing the calcium from being absorbed.

While chocolate milk is purchased and stored cold, it can also be heated to produce a drink similar to hot chocolate. Some brands encourage consumers to use the product as both a hot and cold beverage.

It can be sold in Tetra Brik, sachet or powder form to be mixed with liquid milk. It should be noted that in some countries (Venezuela, for example) it is called toddy due to the phenomenon of trademark vulgarization.

Chocomilk flavors

Chocolate, like many other words ending in …ate, comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) language. Chocolate comes from xococ (sour) and atl (water). Originally, the Aztecs prepared a sour chocolate drink fermented in water.

The gringos, for a change, confused cocoa with coconuts and created the word cocoa, associating them in the elaboration of modern chocolates. This has more to do with cocoa than with chocolate, but I mention it because cocoa is the basis of chocolate. Therefore, cocoa is not an Aztecism but a gringo barbarism.

The version of Prof. Elena García Frazier of the University of Massachusetts is not acceptable either, because chocólatl is the characteristic color that cocoa produces when it is prepared in water, moreover: cocoa already comes with a brown or brown color and is not yet called chocolate. Coztic is yellow, not coxtic; xococ is sour (see jocoque page) not brown or brown.

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Nesquik chocomilk

The promotion would be to give away a free cup with the purchase of the 540 g. presentation of the star product. This strategy would take place in self-service stores and some price clubs nationwide, during August or while supplies last.

Chocolate Abuelita since 2013 has a project that includes an investment to support Mexican cocoa producers. This plan aims to support farmers to ensure sustainable cocoa production, conserve the environment and contribute to improve the productivity of the field.

Chocomilk wikipedia

Eggs are in our lives every day. And what a good thing. Without them, our breakfasts would lack soul. However, there are many myths around them, which make many people stop consuming them (at least restrict themselves a lot to consume them).

What an impression, right? We were born and raised hearing that eating a lot of eggs in a week would raise your cholesterol levels through the roof. But it doesn’t. Here we explain: what happens is that it is a substance that our body produces because it is used to create, among other things, the membrane of each of the millions of cells in our body.

When “external cholesterol” is consumed, what our organism does is to compensate, ceasing to produce its own. So, provided that you do not overdo it, it is good, natural and advisable to eat this food many times a day.

It has already been proven that the color has nothing to do with the nutrients it provides. But they do taste different. Also remember that if you buy organic eggs, from farms where they really care about taking care of their hens, they will be the glory over a fried omelet, a drunken salsa and a pinch of salt.

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