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Cascade shades

Waterfall in Sierra del Tentzo

It was a shame not to be able to spend much time in this place…Being one of the most beautiful in the state of Chiapas; what impresses the most are the colors of the water, in turquoise tones and that make you think of only one thing…to get into the water. From what I saw, there is an area that is the most suitable to do it, although the water is a little cold… But well, with a little courage and with that view it is impossible not to dare. There is also a place to eat and if you want to stay, there is only the option of camping because there is no hotel, but in the nearest communities you can find a place to stay, that’s no problem; as a curious fact, I will tell you that this place was considered a Special Biosphere Reserve, because in its environment inhabit a variety of natural species and animals in danger of extinction.

How to Draw a Waterfall with Pencil Step by Step

The video contains some shots from the new Disney movie, “The Lion King” as you would expect. Beyonce is presented in a desert background and then there are some spectacular shots of the Havasupai waterfalls, showing its emerald colored water. The choreography as always in her videos is amazing and exciting. Several of the shots take place in locations near the Havasupai waterfalls.

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There is an aerial shot where beautiful blue tones are shown as Beyonce poses on the rocky surface, as well as another on pink-hued stones. The reference to the cycle of life together with the waterfalls is an extraordinary way to represent the idea of the flow of human existence since water is the basis of life, so representing the life cycle through a waterfall is a very accurate symbol, as well as very beautiful.

Reservations sell out quickly and in fact at the time of the filming of Beyoncé’s video there were some complaints from people who felt their right to attend the waterfalls was affected.

How to paint a waterfall? Easy! step by step.

On the island of La Palma, one of those that are part of the Canary archipelago, we will find one of the most spectacular protected areas of our geography. This is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, an area of volcanic nature and noted for its abundance of springs and sources, both on the surface and subway. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Barranco de las Angustias ravine or the Salto de la Desfondada, a beautiful waterfall that reaches 150 meters.

Indeed, when arriving at this beautiful scenery the traveler can contemplate in amazement an attractive waterfall whose vertical walls present a variety of cheerful colors, which reflect the waters in its fall. These colors are due to the ferruginous waters that flow from its walls, which carry different minerals of different colors, among which dominate the reds, ochers and yellows, and that over time have been painting the walls of the waterfall offering different shades and creating a magical and unique setting.

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How to paint waterfall and stones-acrylic painting for

It is 105 meters high, and in the rainy season it forms a curtain 300 meters wide. The guides stop about 100 meters away from the waterfall so you can keep that picture in your memory. Tamul (“place of pitchers”) is the most emblematic waterfall in San Luis Potosi and its beauty is unparalleled.

It is born in the Gallinas River and falls with great force on the Santa Maria River. There are three ways to get there: through the town of Tanchachín with an all-terrain car that you can rent in the municipality of Aquismón, by means of a boat from the ejido La Morena or by the road to El Sauz, which allows you to get to the top of the waterfall.

Tamul is known thanks to the blue and turquoise tones that the water has during the months of October to May and, of course, for the extreme sports activities that can be performed in its surroundings: rappel, rafting and kayaking.

With a height of 70 meters and a dirt road that tests your physical condition, this is the second highest waterfall in the Huasteca. Upon arrival, you will see a space surrounded by vegetation, and you will be able to hear the song of the birds that can be heard amidst the deafening sound of the falling water.

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