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Black marble stone

Smooth black marble

The portoro black marble is dominated by a homogeneous black color intermingled with elegant golden veins. It is an exclusive natural stone, which will make the space a distinguished and original place. Thanks to the beauty of its shades, it is an ideal material for the production of decorative elements such as columns, cladding, fireplaces, sculptures and floors.

Our black marble is also available in blocks, slabs, bands or ashlars for further processing by workshops and other stone professionals, extracted directly by us from our own quarries.

Black marble price per meter

This time we will talk about one of the most used marbles and colors, as it always associates elegance and prestige. We have to take into account that when using this black marble it has to be in places and rooms where the light is generous in order to compensate with the dark color of the marble. This black marble can be found in different shapes and forms, either rough, polished, aged or bush-hammered. Make a change and go for this attractive and elegant black marble.

The normal way to clean this type of marble is to use a mixture of water and soap with a sponge or cloth completely soaked in this liquid. But if the stains are too deep, we will have to use and apply other techniques that we leave below.

At the time of observing the marble, we have to look and especially to look at the coloration that has, since if in this case it is yellowish, we will have to use and at the same time to apply with a soft brush a mixture of vinegar and water.

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Marquina black marble

Wood is one of the materials used to achieve an industrial style, to which we can add the black marble. How? For example, combining the wooden floor with a Marquina Black table.

If you are looking to create a modern classic style, I will tell you that combining black and white marble will achieve it. In addition to these two shades, you can incorporate both gold and purple. And if we talk about materials, we should consider in addition to marble, wood and copper.

Another advantage of black marble is that its beauty has no expiration date, hence it is always in vogue. Thanks to this, we can see it integrated in the various decorative styles of yesterday and today.

Black and gold marble

In the market there are many types of Black Marble, of which the great majority are limestones or black dolomites (sedimentary rocks of chemical precipitation and that therefore have not undergone metamorphism), whose surface acquires shine after polishing.

The black color of this type of stone is mainly explained by its genesis in continental shelves that have received an important volume of carbonate sediments with abundant organic matter, in conditions of oxygen scarcity. This kind of deposits have occurred in several geological stages of the Mesozoic (Cretaceous) and Paleozoic (Devonian-Carboniferous) in different areas of the world.

Most black marbles are characterized by their abundance of fossils (although there are exceptions as we will see below). The type of fossils will vary depending on the geological epoch to which they belong and the paleo-environment in which they were deposited.

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From the wide variety of black colored stones that exist in the market, we have selected 7 of them, based on our experience in the sector and attending to criteria of demand, existence of active quarries, aesthetic preferences of the final client as well as interior designers and architects, technical characteristics and availability in the market.

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