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Billy flowers


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CAP’s prophecy.

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On December 10, 1953, Guillermo Álvarez Macías assumed the position of president of the Board of Directors, and marked a fundamental step towards modernity, productivity, in order to provide the members, the workers, with social, sports, cultural, recreational and health welfare.

Thanks to these two people, the team became a regular participant in the national amateur championships representing the state of Hidalgo, after winning the state title on countless occasions.

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Piano Men

It is a selection of 35 photographs distributed in eight panels that are exhibited in the windows of the building located in Labradores and San Isidro streets.  The photographs recall the construction of the Mercado de Abastos, the old Muelle market and the future Puerta del Mar square. The exhibition contains photographs of meat, fish, salted fish, fruit and vegetable stalls.

The collectors have donated 291 of their works, corresponding to 155 international artists for safekeeping, conservation, research and exhibition in the museum. The collection consists of drawing, sculpture, painting, graphic work, photography, installation, artist’s book or video reflecting the diversity of modern artists’ practice. The donation includes works by some local artists such as Elena Aguilera, Rosana Antolí, Aurelio Ayela and others of international stature such as Andy Warhol, Josef and Anni Albers or Richard Artschwager.

El olvido de los espejos is an audiovisual project set in the Peruvian Amazon that connects the past with the present through documentary, fiction and 3D animation. It consists of two parts: a film and a series of intervened photographs, which reflect on the Western gaze and the extractivist aims that have dominated the region, particularly the rubber fever of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Live broadcast of Billy Flores

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