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Agatha black granite countertops

Absolute black granite price

Our beloved country has a rich tradition of dreadful kitchens, characterized by its patterned tiles, granite countertops and furniture from the first episodes of Cuéntame. Modernity has not been very good for us either, and our nouveau riche status has pushed us to create the most strident combinations of dark stoneware, silestones with sparkles and brightly colored cabinets. That is when we do not want to put everything, absolutely everything, white, to give our kitchen the joy of an operating room.

In front of this kitchen I feel all the historical weight of the most dour Castile, with its nobles dressed in black and its intolerance towards any form of joy. But surely it is all paranoia, and the sadness that invades you when you see it is due to less elevated issues, as Tachy Mora makes clear to me. “Lesson from the first year of interior design: do not put dark furniture when a space does not have much natural light”. Raquel Veira stresses another terrifying point: “The worst thing is that those grille doors behind which they try to hide the microwave and other things must have been sold under the name of ’embellisher'”.

Black granite zimbawe price

Imported Granite CountertopsImported Granite Countertops of various types.The imported granites we manufacture custom projects with are:Discover all the available materials we work with at Decor Stone.

Quartz compactsQuartz compacts are perfect for the manufacture of kitchen countertops.  In Decor Stone we work mainly with three different series, discover the catalog of each one:Contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to advise you on the characteristics of each product and its price.

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Porcelain tilesIn porcelain materials we have different series:Neolith: it is a 100% natural synthesized compact surface. Discover the different varieties!Dekton: it is a mixture of raw materials used to manufacture glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces.Techlam: from the company Levantina, it is used in different applications such as coverings, flooring, countertops, furniture, facades… See all the available series!

Granite piece price

We are a company dedicated to the extraction and elaboration of granite, our material we have in exclusivity, the BLACK OCHAVO SPECIAL, with great reserves in our quarry located in the term of Burguillos del Cerro in the province of Badajoz, with an approximate volume of 200 m3 per month.

We are a company dedicated, only and exclusively to the extraction and elaboration of Black Ochavo Special Granite, with quarry in property. At the moment we are leaders in the extraction of this type of granite.

In our factory we have the latest technology machinery and a specialized staff in extraction and processing of natural stone. We elaborate all types of finishes: polished, bush-hammered, flamed, brushed, disc cut, shear cut, etc.,. In our facilities we have two defined sections: Funeral Art and Public, Civil and Private Works.

Our most relevant works are: Virgin Gym in Madrid; Metro Sur in Madrid; Bulevar in Burgos, Palacio de Congresos in Palma de Mallorca, stations and exteriors of the Metro in Granada, reforms in Bodegas Vega Sicilia in Valladolid, remodeling of flooring in Torre Europa in Madrid, as well as squares, sidewalks and works in general in different geographical locations. We manufacture all types of tiles, paving stones, curbs, etc.

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African black granite

This decorative and functional element, whether it is an island or peninsula that we have talked about in another article of our blog, cause a sensation and have become the central element of the kitchen.    If you have space to place an island in your kitchen decide to install it, it will be the undisputed star and will bring modernity to the whole.

The choice of kitchen countertops in Malaga is one of the most important decisions to take into account if you have in mind an upcoming reform. This is one of the fundamental pieces of furniture in the kitchen, as it is one of the areas that will be used more: work, to prepare food, etc..

For small budgets or if the kitchen is not going to have much use, laminate or wood countertops are the best option. Laminates are those that are composed of a solid base, usually a chipboard, to which a laminated sheet has been glued. They are not very recommendable because they can swell due to humidity filtrations, they are easily scratched and they burn if hot objects are placed on them, disadvantages that also have the wooden countertops.

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